Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 recap.

This time last year I was ready to be done with 2010 and all that had happened during that year. I had high hopes and big plans for 2011.

.and. I was slightly disappointed.

Now. 36(some odd days later) I am here wishing away 2011. Hoping for big things to come in 2012. This will be my year. Wait. Didn't I say that last year?

Well. This year. I mean it.
I mean it 110%

I am hoping for great big things.
I was way off on some of resolutions last year.
I didn't do a lot of things I wanted to do.
I did a lot of things I never thought I'd do(some good. Some bad)
I met a lot of new people. Some people I will call besties forever.
I let a lot of people go. That was hard.

The only resolution I have for 2012 is: To live. Not to let my life pass me by. I'm going to take more pictures. I am going to love more(easily). I'm going to travel. I am going to do things that I never thought that I could do. I want no regrets in 2012. I don't want to be sad I missed out on anything. I want to take every opportunity given to me. And. I want to run with it. I will not be sitting here in 365 days counting down the minutes until it's over.

-I spent the month celebrating my 25th birthday. I completed 25 things before my 25th birthday.
-I spent the month preparing for my knee surgery.

-I spent the first part of the month staying out way to late, hanging out with way too many boys, celebrating way too many birthdays with friends.
-the 18th I had my ACL/MCL/LCL and Medial meniscus repaired.

-was a blur. T3's and percocets were my constant companions.
-Crutches were my life line
-physio was the biggest struggled I had.

-I started working out at the gym again.
-I started spinning.
-I stayed out way too late, playing with a boy who was way too smart for his own good.
-I was super motivated to get back into shape and make something of myself.

-continuation of my sleepless nights, long work days and hanging out with boy.
-summer kick off BBQ's
-movies in the back of trucks @ Elbow falls

-staying up way too late.
-playing ninja
-laughing with Carrie way to hard, about way silly things
-Crush Freezies
-late night walks down 17th ave
-3 hour conversations.
-floating down the river
-moved again
-Besties birthdays.
-floating down the river
-more late night conversations.
-more crush freezies
-reckless mistakes.
-late night Inglewood look out.

-10 day trip to Utah to see my bestie get married.
-long emails.
-dinners with long lost friends
-getting over a boy.

-Temple trips
-longer emails.
-our dept pet dying
-spending halloween in the ER
-moved AGAIN

-lots of stress.
-weekend trips
-car accident :(

-Birth of our Savior
-Christmas Devotional
-Service project
-new sewing machine
-Jeep back after accident.
-celebrating the most beautifulest babies 1st birthday!
-celebrating the most beautiful 7 year olds birthday

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