Friday, July 15, 2011

what goes around comes back around!

Alright. So. You know how many of us(okay maybe just me) use to make fun of the kids on the play ground who couldn't play outside and run around because they had asthma and didn't have their puffer?


Karma just bit me in the badonk-a-donk. Rude!

I've had a chest infection for the last 3 weeks. For the last week I haven't been able to sleep(so I've been uber grumpy) AND. over the course of the last few days everytime I would eat, I'd gag and end up throwing up(tmi? yah well... atleast I didn't tell you what I had for lunch yesterday) Finally. I'd had enough. I needed to go to the Dr <-----woah. You know when I go to the Dr that there is something wrong.

Well. I have a serious chest infection. AND. A case of Adult onset Asthma. I'm on an antibotic and he gave me my very first puffer. Last night the missionaries came over for dinner, and the one was really funny. I started laughing, then started choking, THEN I started tearing and I couldn't breath. WOAH!. So I had to take it for the first time. The Dr said that once I'm not sick anymore I'll only need it when I play sports(which I get to start soon, because I now have my knee brace)

Everyone that I've told(the 4 people) have laughed at me and said that karma has finally come around to bite me in the butt. After the years in Elementary school making fun of the "bubble-kids" I am now a bubble-dult"


I'm moving into my new house tomorrow. I'm so excited. The boys are coming over to move me after we clean the chapel. Then I'm going floating down the river. Sounds like a pretty good Saturday to me- but I'm not sleeping at my house tho. Laura isn't staying there until Sunday night AND I can't sleep alone in a new house. It creeps me out.

P.S-- Who wants to come live with me for the first two weeks in August? 2 of my roomates are EFY councillors and they won't be around. Scary.



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