Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I wish I knew then....

I've been reflecting alot the last little bit about things I wish I knew back in the day...and advice I wish I would wish someone would have told me.

- Don't hurry to grow're grown up for the rest of your life.
- Highschool REALLY isn't that big of a deal. Neither is the drama.
- My parents didn't deserve all the hassle I gave them.
- The nice guys(girls) do always finish last-but when you finish it's worth the wait.
- Always pay your tithing.
- Your metabolism only goes downhill after what you eat.
- There is NO way you'll be able to be AS active as you were in highschool while going to college and working and dating. It always get's put on the back burner.
- Your parents aren't actually as old as you think they are.
- Your parents are pretty smart.
- Your parents only want whats best for you

*notice how all the things I've learned are about my parents.*

- Relying on the Lord is tough. But SO worth it.
- Never walk outside alone at night in a sketchy neighbourhood(I grew up in Taber-I was very innocent)
- Always check your gas gauges. It will save you a phone call to AAA, or a friend
- Don't take your parents for granted.

*speaking of parents. I had a dream my dad died last night. I'm still really sick about it.

- Highschool is the slowest 4 years of your life.
- Always wear clean underwear--you never know when you'll be taking a trip to the ER(I've had two impromptu visits in the last few years and am ever grateful for this principle)
- Just because she's pretty and doesn't talk-doesn't mean she's stuck up. She's probably shy.
- It is easier to live on a budget when it is a CASH only budget. Take cash out on the days you get paid, once your cash is gone- your game is over! I'm starting this monday*more blog posts to follow*

What are some valuable lessons you've learned that you wish you would have learned before?



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Mich said...

i had a strange dream the other night that my friend died so i looked up the meaning. It means you are mourning (or maybe even just worried) about the relationship you have with that person. In my situation it totally makes sense, I dont know if its the same for you.

Also... the older you get, the more your parents become your friends. :)