Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get a workout buddy!

One of the best pieces of workout advice I was given...was to get a workout buddy.

Someone to be accountable to. Someone who you need to answer to. Someone to kick your butt when you skip the gym for no good reason.

Well ladies and gents. I've finally got myself a little workout buddy.
She is my best friend. She is such an example to me. I love her so much. She teaches me about makeup(my make up bag looks like her "faves" post because I go shopping with her all the time) She's beautiful, she's talented, she's a wonderful mother, she's a good wife and I look up to her so much.

This is going to be a long distance relationship for the next four months. Her husband works for Vivint(formly APX) and has moved her away from me for 4 months. He does this every summer (P.S- Adam...this does not make me happy ;)) She had a baby 4 months ago. Whom I love dearly. She is the most adorable little baby I've ever met in my life. She's such a chubster. I'm pretty sure most of her weight is in her cheeks. Go visit her blog... to see.

She was always my skinny, super hot friend, that all the boys just loved. She's still my super hot friend. Who just needs to lose a little bit of baby weight(not even very much. ugh) and I...well I need to lose 9 months of " I haven't done anything becauase of my knee" weight. 9 months to have a baby, 9 months since I wrecked my knee. Her and I are in the same boat right now.

We're putting a little wager on this. Whoever wins the inches lost/weight loss will get her spa day paid for *yes, that's how we roll...we will be going on a spa day* and doing some shopping. Nothing like a little motivation right? I work well under pressure, and I know Saren does too. So this friendly little competition is just what we need. Either way we'll get in shape, and get a day of pampering.

When she gets back to Calgs we'll be able to train together. Little does she know I'm making her take spin classes with me (get ready buddy)

Go out and find a work out buddy this week. OR if you would like to buddy up with us let me know. I've said this once, I will say it again. I will motivate you to no end. I will send you emails, I will text you. Let us know. We're starting monday.

Sidenote:: Neither of us will be posting our weights or our inches-not until the very end anyways and that will be at each of our disgression. However, we will be posting weekly about our successes and our struggles, sharing things that have helped us. So let me know if any of you'd like to join us.


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