Friday, April 8, 2011


Let me just clear the air. I didn't write all these previous posts in 10 minutes. I've had them saved up. Saved for the perfect moment to post. Is this the perfect time to post all of these things? I'm not too sure. But I've finally stopped caring about how all the blogging people will feel, and if they will judge me and just posted them all. Please forgive the RANDOM switch of gears in my posting. I promise they won't all be like this forever. Actually, I thought I might make a seperate blog for my workout/progress/nutrition.

Thoughts? Yay or Nay?-- keep it seperate, or keep it together!

P.S Last night after the gym I went to a show with the girls. We went to see my friend Layla's friends band play downtown at Dickens. It was a super shady venue. But, I had alot of fun. The atmosphere was definately something I've never really experienced. That was my first 'intimate' show I've ever been too, most concerts I go to are in HUGE stadiums. We had appies with the band before, and hung out while they played their set, then played with their hermit crabs after. It was a random night. Tonight. It's gym time. Then off to my buddies 24hour birthday party in honor of his 24th birthday. HA. We're seriously going to party for 24 hours. I plan on dancing til the sun goes down tomorrow.


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Madi A said...

I like the idea! I would totally read both! But something I have noticed with a majority of bloggers that seperate is that one aspect always weasles its way into one or the other, or one of them gets neglected, or even both! I'm not saying this for all, and it most certainly can't be said that it will be what yours is either! I would really love it if you shared more information on your food and work outs no matter where it comes from! :]