Monday, March 7, 2011

Taber's not so bad after all.

Okay this link doesn't look proper. I'm soooo technologically challenged. I've even enlisted my friend Ash to help make my blog look cute, so please excuse the look of this link. Take a few minutes to copy and paste this link or go to and read this article in the Nov 2010 New Era and at the end watch the video. This video had me in tears.

This is about a tragic event, that has brought many people closer to the Lord. I have the privilage of knowing all of these individuals personally, and I love them, and have a very deep respect for their families.

I am very close with the Seminary Teacher in Taber and I ran into him a couple days ago. He asked me if I wouldn't mind teaching his seminary classes for a few days. How lucky am I to have the opportunity to teach in a classroom where I learned from for so many years. To work with such solid Youth.

Oh how I love the little town of Taber. As much as it drives me crazy I love coming home.

Darren is currently in the MTC waiting his visa to head to Mexico to be a missionary, and Chris(the kid who was in a coma for MONTHS, and who I had the privilage of visiting while he was in the hospital) is leaving for his mission in California. Both of these boys hold a special place in my heart. I'm good friends with all of their older sibblings, so I've watched them grow. They're going to be fantastic missionaries and the people of Mexico and California are so lucky to have these two, and I hope they take good care of them!

Ejnoy the blurb and the video.



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