Thursday, February 24, 2011

What day is today?

Who the heck cares what day it is?

----not me.

I am trying to load pics of my knee to blogger but it's not co operating. Is that a sign I probably shouldn't post them? They're really not that bad.

My mom told me today that it's about time I took a shower.
It's been super cold lately. Which means it's been super dry.
Which means I've been itchy. It sucks. Lotion, lotion, lotion.

The pain is minimal. I haven't cried once yet. I told Brett I randomly cry for no reason. That I'd probably just randomly start crying. But I haven't. He'd be proud of me.

Somethings I've been obsessed with lately:
-keeping up the kardashians.
-kourtney and khloe take Miami.
-Diet Gingerale.
-Fibre One bars-Chocolate and Oats (90cals) mmm so good.
-My ice machine
-getting more than 12 hours of sleep a night.
-taking two 1hour naps a day

Things I should probably do soon:
-take a shower.
-eat some normal food.
-change my clothes.
-change my underwear.
-read a book.
-think about leaving the house.
-make my physio appt's

I've been facebook stalking my friends. They've been doing so many fun things without me. I thought for sure they'd be in some state of depression with me gone. However this is not the case. Which is making my rather depressed. They've been renting party bus', going to Flame games, going to movies, having dance parties...and I've been in bed by 9pm, I've been eating fibre, and taking pain killers. What I wouldn't give to trade lives with them.

Dearest Friends,

Please stop having so much fun without me. Save some of these super fun things for when I return to you. I hate seeing all of your pictures of facebook. I've been having myself a little pity party. Please miss me long time. I know I fell off the social bandwagon prior to my knee surgery, but wait for me to have fun. The first week is almost over. Only three more. Just be boring for 3 more weeks. Please.

Sincerely a Couped up Crippled.

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