Friday, November 26, 2010

Queen of Awkward

So, This conversation has been running thru my head all week.

Doesn't help that everyone that was within earshot Sunday loves reminding me of it.

So tonight is preference. I was suppose to go with a friend who was coming up from Utah for American Thanksgiving(side note: I would just like to express my appreciation for Americans doing something right. That is having their thanksgiving right inbetween ours, and Christmas. Who doesn't love a good Turkey dinner? I know I did ) Anyways due to the "storm to top all storms" he opted not to come pretty early last week so I could find another date if I wanted. So I'm dateless, which is more than okay. I don't really like preference. At all. I always end up having fun. But I just hate it. I'm not even going. Some friends and I are having the elders over for wings. Should be fun.

So Sunday after Sunday School I was talking to the Elders who were asking me about preference, and who my date was. I told them I wasn't going. *Now there's this guy named Simon in my ward who really likes me, he's been asking me out for months to go to this exibit. It's open only during work hours or Saturdays. So I had really been meaning to go with him (because I'm trying to be open minded. See last post), but my Saturdays have been so busy, then I wrecked my knee, and have just been using that as an excuse ever since.P.S Definately not into him AT all.*

Simon*overhears me telling the Elders Cody bailed*:You don't have a date to pref?

Me: Nope.

Simon: Do you want one? Because you know I haven't been asked

Me: Nope, I'm more than happy not going.

Simon: Well you know, You might be happy
if you went with someone like me.

Me: yah, probably not besides I'm having the Elders over for wings.

Simon: Oh, you know it's easy to cancel with the Elders. See watch *he proceeds to cancel with them to show me how easy it is*

Me: That's not nice

Simon: Well, let me know if you change your mind.

Monday night @ FHE(now I know why I don't go very often ha)

I was sitting in the lounge waiting for the Spiritual Thought to start and I was playing brick breaker on my BB cause I'm addicted. I wasn't paying attention to anyone around me.

Simon came and sat beside me.

Simon: Whatcha doin?

Me: Playing Brick breaker.

Simon: *all excited* oh wow I didn't take you for a video games kind of girl ;) (this kid loves video games)

Me: Oh I'm not. I've never played in my life. **still haven't looked up from my game**

Simon: So Lachele, you by any chance haven't changed your mind about preference have you?

Me: Nope.

Seriously, It's preference. Girls ask guys. If I wanted to go with you, I would have asked you. I didn't. Which probably means I don't want to go with you. Just sayin' I feel bad that I was slightly short with him. But it's because I'm overly nice that all these randoms I have nothing in common with that are 5+ years younger than me ask me out. Great, now this makes me look like a jerk. Whoops. I'm not a jerk.

I just get so many Awkwards.

Atleast I can blog about it.


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