Friday, November 26, 2010

Apparently I'm predictable...who knew.

Okay, that's a lie.

I am very predictable. However I do have some spontaninaity in me.
Really. I do. Don't believe me. I'll prove it.

Remember when I blogged about how I didn't like to waste my time dating guys I wasn't interested in? Well. I do. Cause I got alot ALOT of grief over that. So, to show you how open minded I am. I decided to say yes to some guys I don't really like.

I was chillin' with a girlfriend the other day, while I was getting ready to go to dinner with a guy. To which she replied, "ehh you're not really interested in him that much are you?"

How did she know.

Well, let me explain how she came to the conclusion.

When I don't like a guy all that much, I wear my hair up in some sort of messy bun, pony tail or hat. She can also tell by my socks. If I'm wearing ankle socks she knows I'm wearing some sort of sneaker, which means I'm not trying to impress. My eye make up is just typical day to day make up I don't go out of my way to put on any extra eyeliner. I usually stick to some sort of wide leg jean, and a hoodie.

So, if I ever go on a date with you... you better hope I'm wearing slight skinny jeans to go in my hooker boots, some big hair, lots of eye make up and a cute little cardigan number. If not don't bother asking me out on a second. ha.

Oh I heart you S. You clearly know me better than I know myself.


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