Friday, November 5, 2010

Mis-spelling...or is it? You tell me.

What's the difference between L.O.V.E and L.U.V?

My friend Ashley recieved the following text from me this morning.

"What the hell is the difference between LOVE and LUV when someone spells it out?"

To which she replied.

"Remember yesterday when you told me you over react to thing. I think you're over reacting."

Okay, she didn't even know the background to said text, but she just assumed that it was something someone said to me and I didn't know how to take it. Which it isn't. This is a hypothetical situation.

*Are hypothetical situations actually hypothetical? Or are they the writers way of not wanting to tell someone WHAT actually happened, happened.* Hmm guess you'll never know.* PS this might not even have anything to do with me. Maybe my friend just doesn't have a blog.

She didn't exactly answer my question, so I emailed her when I got to work(Oh yes this all happened before 8am this morning). "Remember how this morning I texted you asking you what the difference between love and luv was? Remember how you didn't ANSWER my question?...well!"

Her loving response was "Oh I don't know then. Love is real luv isn’t . luv is what I tell my cute little puppy dog or niece."

Thanks Ash, I guess when I tell my dog or my niece I luv them it isn't real. HA. Silly.

I'm still confused.

I have a couple theories.

Theory 1.

-The Sender said this(not saying it was to me) either to test out the waters to see how reciever would respond to the gesture of the L word. But not wanting to fully say LOVE. If it was recieved well then the LOVE would be soon to follow.

Theory 2.

-The Sender just loves the Reciever as a puppy...

Theory 3.

-The reciever could potentially just be reading WAY too much into what the sender was implying.

Theory 4.

Luv means the sender likes the reciever slightly more than "like" but not enough to be "love"

So. Readers. I'm turning to you to answer my 'friends' question. ha. What is the difference between love and luv?



Liz said...

Too bad as girls we over analyze...

"The reciever could potentially just be reading WAY too much into what the sender was implying."

Sarah C said...

I'm going with either the over analyzing or that it is a little more than like, but not LOVE!

I guess I would say that I luv my girl friends, but I LOVE my husband.

Or theory 5... the texter is too lazy to write 4 letters and has condensed the word to three!

Lachele said...

Girls suck

Being a girl sucks even more.

See, I've always loved the word love. I definately have realized I throw it out alot more than I probably should. So to me Love and Luv are the same thing. Except Luv just doesn't look like a correct spelling, therefore I always just use love.

Good to know you're opinions.

Gracias Chicas

Megan said...

Theory 2 is funny. Theory 4 is correct... unless they're one of those people that insist on using shortened versions of words while texting... but in that case, you would know the person well enough, to know what they mean.

Lachele said...

People who shortened texts make me angry. To the point where I just stop texting them.

I told her it was probably 4. But I also told her I would pose the question out to my blogging buddies to see what they thinks. She made me promise I wouldn't say who she was, so after re reading this post it ACTUALLY sounds like this is happening to me, when in reality it's actually not.

I'm okay if you don't believe me however.

Fei said...

My opinion: Luv, a copout for real love, and real spelling. ;)