Tuesday, September 7, 2010

True Fashion....

In true fashion I fell off the blog wagon this week. I've been busy, and honestly after the emotional rollercoaster of a week I had last week I just didn't feel like updating anyone on anything, and really no one cares about my knee anymore!


-I went to the gym for the first time in 4 weeks on Saturday. It was the best 90 minutes I've spent in the last month.

-I watched a few football games!

-Started Physio(cried from physio)

-I played with Ruthie, read books, and played cake boss(look to my facebook for pictures of that)

-I went on a non date date( I had a debate with someone this week, he kept questioning why it wasn't a date, and it was really hard to tell him over text, it just made me look like a snot.) I don't go on dates with guys I don't know. I need some sort of relationship with them(whether it's a 5 min convo to ensure I will have something in common with him, or I've known him for a year) I don't consider it a date unless I know him. That dreaded 'D' word adds a little too much pressure(usually on his part) PLUS, if you go back and read some of my other blog posts you'll know that I have bad experiences going on dates with people I don't know. All my friends tell me not to be so picky, and to enjoy a free meal... I just have to tell them that I don't like wasting my time, and I'm not that hard up for food that I can't go buy my own meal(which makes me sound like a jerk) then they ask me if I wonder why I'm not married! Good thing Elder Oaks and I go way back and his talk in 2004 was for everyone but me!

-I'm going to the cornmaze tomorrow night with one of my friends and I'm so excited to hang out with him! YAY!

-I was at work like 15 minutes ago and I was talking to this lady that works in another dept who is hilarious(Hi Pina ;)) and she casually mentioned that she started reading my blog, and that she reads some blogs that I follow. She read Mormon Bachelor Pad, and I immediately started laughing because well, anyone who has read that knows it's not actually accurate when depicting young mormons, close but not quite haha. So now she probably thinks I snog lots, and have like 43234643 boyfriends. I just thought it was really funny.

-I've had some pretty redic comments made to me in the last few days, that I just wanted to share. AND. I'm kind of looking for props because rather than being a girl and skipping the compliment and soaking up the insult... I took the compliment and laughed about the insult ;) The first one was on Sunday at church I was just being a goof ball and this guy came up to me...I knew him but not enough to expect this come out of his mouth.

"Lachele it's a good thing you're cute, cause you're werid"
-Thank you for thinking I'm cute! I like to think that I try. That's the compliment I took. HOWEVER, the old Lachele could have taken the following out as an insult
"You're werid"-quite obvious
"cute"- One of my friends told me that when he calls a girl cute, it's the nice way of saying she's not good looking enough for 'pretty' or 'beautiful' so really this guy could think that I'm not good looking enough for anything other than cute!

Then Ruthie, bless that little beauties soul says this to me before I left last night(May I remind you I had baked a cake with her, let her decorate it, cleaned up the sprinkle disaster of 2011,read princess books to her and cuddled with her ALL day long) says to me "Auntie Lachele, you're pretty but not very cool"
Now, I stopped listening to her after she said I am pretty.
The old Lachele would have been sad that a 5 year old didn't think she was cool, and tried to make plans to take her to the zoo, and to the park, and on a date. However I just laughed at her, and left.

Haha, those are just two of the funny things that have happened to me this last week.

What is something funny that's happened to you this week?



Ryan @ TheSinglesWard said...

Haha, good ole' Elder Oaks ;) ;)

Lachele said...

You would say that