Monday, August 30, 2010

Surgery--yay or nay?

The answer is NAY!

You'd think I'd be thrilled with this answer. Well I am. HOWEVER, I am not thrilled that I had to wait 3 hours. I'm not thrilled that I had to see a resident because the surgeons clinic that should have been booked to max compacity of 35 was booked at 78.

I didn't like that the resident didn't even know that I had xrays or an MRI and told me that I was fine, and that they weren't complete tears.I didn't like that he just wanted me to get up and walk away without my zimmer brace after TELLING me they were partial tears(That does alot of damage) I didn't like that he made fun of the muscle loss I suffered in my leg. Jerk.

This REALLY wasn't a very good experience. I was grumpy by the end of SAY the least.

This is what my next few months look like.

-PHYSIO.... I start sometime this week
-Two more weeks CRUTCH free with the zimmer brace, then I'll move to a hinge brace(hopefully crutch free) then finally be walking without anything. :) I can't wait until that day! They told me that most likely I will have to wear some type of hinge brace while playing sports or working out for a good long while. But atleast I'll be able to play. I'm going to see how Physio goes, then I'll be getting back into the gym.

I told the Surgeon about the hill I walk up, and about how I've been getting dropped off at the top of the hills, but he told me to try walking up the hill. I'll try it. BUt I think I might die.

This is the best case senario. I will hopefully be good as new before American Thanksgiving.



Sarah C said...

That resident sounds like a jerk!

Good luck with the hill :D

Lachele said...

Ha this post is sooo untrue! I've just been too busy/sore to blog right now!

They're sending me for an urgent MRI and booking an OR just incase! Ugh two polar opposite opinons! We're going with the worst :-(