Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remember that one time.....

Remember that one time that I use to love wearing short skirts to church because I had wicked hott calves? Yah me too...

But, today I was late for church cause I was trying to find the longest skirt/dress I had(which the longest came to my knees) to hide my leg.(note that this is not plural). I still have one nice leg, and one that is slightly not nice.

In the last 7 weeks I have lost a lot muscle mass in my thigh and calf resulting in my pride being hurt slightly, because for any of you that know me, know I pride myself on having nice legs, nice hair, and nice eyes. Good thing I didn't get a bad hair cut or stabbed in the eye.

I use to get compliments on my legs all the time. Not so much anymore.. and if you recall my previous post about validation this has been quite concerning for poor little ol' me.

Today I had people walk right behind me, so that when I walked away from a group no one would notice my right leg and how not hott it is.

**Isn't it nice to know that my life is so perfect that all my tragedies have to do with the way I look** <--- please note sarcasm.

Anyways, point is... I miss my nice legs, and I'm glad that muscle has good memory. I'm a full week without my brace, so giving myself the benefit of the doubt I should be good to go(and hott as ever) in 6 weeks. ha.


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Ariana said...

good luck, legs! they'll be fine and sexy as ever soon!!!