Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday I had the privilage of meeting/running into two people who were also in zimmer braces.

I remember right after I got outta the hospital, I was in so much pain, I couldn't move, food made me sick and the only thing that would keep me calm was percocets I met someone who was 3 weeks into recovery and when he told me that I wouldn't feel any worse I wasn't to quick to believe him. I kind of wanted to punch him. The raging high Lachele was less than impressed that this loser was trying to make me feel better when all I wanted to do was feel like crap. My life was over(I'm dramatic I know.)

Well yesterday I went to lunch with some girls at work, and the restaraunt was on the other side of the hospital campus, and I was soo slow that the one got my a wheelchair-what hospital doesn't have wheelchairs just busting from every seam right? Well right. So she pushed me in one and just as we were by the emergency exit we saw a slightly morphine drunk guy about my age in a zimmer brace being wheeled out by some girl. I was excited when I saw him. We chatted..exchanged stories and I told him in two weeks he'd be feeling alot better. He probably was cursing me the way I was cursing two weeks previous.

Last night I went to see The Switch(so funny.) loved it. Want to see it again! Kind of story of my life. Minus the insemination parties although in my might come down to that if I don't stop being so picky. We were walking into the theatre and I saw a man sitting down with crutches beside him and his leg was in a zimmer brace. He saw me, we stopped and chatted and something I've realized is that there are so many other more retarded ways to wreck your knee then being hit with a football... ha ha! This man made me feel a whole lot better! He was told he'd only have to be in his brace for 2 weeks. Sure beats me 6-8 but he only tripped over his dog(see that doesn't even come close to be as lame as getting hit by a football). He asked me how long I'd been crippled and as soon as I heard '2 weeks' leave my mouth I was shocked it'd already been two and a half weeks. Next week I see the surgeon, and potentially will be in rehab in a few weeks. I'm so excited!! YAY!


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