Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back at Work.....

So in true Lachele fashion I lost all attention to detail and stopped blogging for a little while.

Lame huh?

Well one of the girls in my ward told me to blog more, and then I did...and she so nicely told me she didn't want to comment because blogs about my knee are BORING. So I stopped, and I had nothing else to blog about.

I came back to work two days ago. I was worried I was going to be sore and grumpy. And well I was. HA! But I worked thru it pretty dang well. Took some medication. Sat at my desk and chilled.

Work has been fun. I've been getting alot of attention(just what the attention whore loves right?) so it's been working well for me. ha.

In Knee News.... I'm no longer using crutches. I love feeling free, now if only I could get rid of this zimmer brace. Hopefully 4 more weeks.

I'm going home this weekend for Cornfest. Can you say carnival treats, rides, crazy drunk trashy people and a whole lotta my family?(they're not trashy and drunk) but I am so excited to go home this weekend. I miss Taber and I miss my family!



Heather said...

Dang! Am I the mean girl in your ward you always tells you to blog more and then says your blogs are boring?! Oppss... sorry! Thanks for bloggin :) Gives me something to do at work. OH YEAH! And I have to keep up with your life somehow now that I'm getting married and we'll NEVER see each other. Unless Eric and I keep bringing you surprises... we'll see!

Good post, Lach!

Lachele said...

Haha yes you are the girl that calls my blog boring haha! Its okay :-) yes you do need to blogstalk me cause married people and single people can't be friends so you'll need to keep up with my exciting life somehow! Haha

Yes, I think you guys should still keep bringing me presents! I like presents!!