Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Workout Program-Courtesy of Kait

So, I have gotten a new and improved workout Courtesy of Kait.

I heart her. I always have. Always will.

She's the BEST big sistah ever.

She loves me, even loved me when I was a bratty 16 year old.

She's helping me accomplish alot of things right now. She's pushing me. She's checking in on me like nobodies business-- "have you been eating every two hours" "did you weigh yourself, don't forget to take your measurements" "You're doing fantastic, I am so excited for you"

She's gone above and beyond what anyone should do for someone else, and I am extremely grateful.

We worked out together Saturday. It was an awesome bonding time for us. HIIT(high intensity interval training) Killed me. It scares me. I am excited to see results soon. She's been doing this simliar workout for the past 10-12 weeks and has seen amazing results(she looks HAWT) seriously. I can't wait to look like her. She lost 35lbs from Sept-Dec. HOLY COW. She's a rockstar. I can't get over how awesome she is. She's starting a fitness blog/website. I'll be sure to direct you there when I know more of the deets. Get on that Kait.

Her and I haven't always been close- Our family is a little random (I know everyone says that, but I think ours is pretty random) I'm really glad this is something her and I can share.

Let me give you a little rundown of how she's been kicking my trash! :) I'm really excited this is exactly the revamp I was looking for.

HIIT(High intensity interval training)-- I swear I will learn to love it-I will try to stop being scared of it.

**as you feel more comfortable with your HIIT, you need to switch it up, increase your incline/speed**

1 min warm up 4.0(speed) with a 1% incline
2 mins jog 5.5.(sp) with a 1% incline
1 min sprint 7(sp) with a 1% incline

*repeat 2 more times. (15 minutes)

5 min Cool down 2.5(sp) with a 5-9% incline

By adding the incline you'll be taking a 40 min cardio session and turning it into 20mins. I burned almost as many cals in this 20 minutes as I do in a 45 minute run.

--This is the one I've been doing for the past 3 days. Even adding the little incline has made a huge difference. I am going to stay with a 1% incline for the rest of the week and then next week play with 1.5-2, hopefully increasing every week-two weeks--


** Anyone who reads my blog knows that weights scare me, and the only reason they scare me is cause I'm not really sore what I'm doing, and no one really took the time to explain them too me. Ha. I'm a big baby. **

Instead of doing my weights on a bench I use a stability ball, just cause it adds that extra little. <3 it. I didn't even feel like I did all that much Saturday, but boy did I feel it yesterday and Sunday. HA.

Upper Body

-3 sets 8 reps chest press--12.5lbs p/aper arm
-3 sets 8 reps flys--10lbs p/a
-3 sets 8 reps tricep pull--20lbs
-3 sets 8 reps bicep curl-12.5lbs p/a
-3 sets 8 reps oblique pull--20lbs
-3 sets 8 reps bench crunch with weight--12.5lbs (ABS)
-3 sets 8 reps tricep/shoulder fly--5lbs p/a

Lower Body

-3 sets 10 reps squats with 10kg each side(I think) Kait, correct me if I'm wrong.
-3 sets 10 reps lunges

Cool Down

3 sets of 10-20sec plank
3 sets of 6 bird/dog

This is about a 90 minute work out :) Amazing. 5-6 days a week. M-W-F I'll do HIIT and weights, Tu-Th I'll do mainly cardio with some abs, then find something productive to do Saturdays/Sundays. I can't wait for Saturday football to start again! COME ON WARM WEATHER!

I really think I need some new shoes. My hips and my shins were killing me after Saturdays HIIT. Like K.I.L.L.I.N.G me. Kait tells me to stop being such a wuss. Ugh.

Kait and Ruthie. Two of my most FAVe people ever. I stole this from Kaits fb. I guess I should have asked first. Sorry.<3 But seriously isn't Kait a babe, and isn't Ruthie a DOLL? I can't wait to play with these two SOON. I miss little Miss Ruthie.



Kait au Lait said...

<3 <3 <3 Great blog. And thanks for choosing a hawt pic. Ruthie looks like such a nerd!! HA HA HA ...

You'll notice with your routine, after your HIIT - and you get into the weight routine, it won't even take an hour.... it took longer because we were focusing on doing the proper movement for effectiveness.

Stay the course (I do believe today is a WEIGHT day for you!) - you're going to drop the weight like crazy and you'll be healthier and happier as a result. <3

Lachele said...

Ugh, Yup it's weights. Ha you know its weights cause it's the same thing for you...lol way to keep tabs on me. I love it! I love that you're keeping tabs on me. haha. Everyone says they will and no one ever does.

It's a hott pic of the both of you. Ruthie is just so damn cute! heart her!

HIIT, still kills me. It makes me nervous. I'm going for a nice little run to warm up tonight, then I'll hit the weights. EEEEKS!