Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Utah

Please let me come back and live there. I promise to be good this time. No driving a car that isn't mine and getting pulled over, no staying out as late(or early) as I use too, I promise I'll go to school EVERYDAY, no skipping, I'll do my homework, I promise I won't sell ALL of my plasma for moola(for that cute new shirt before my date.) I will drive the speed limit(scouts honor).

I miss the fun times we had, sledding in little cottonwood, student nights snowboarding, crusin on trax, goin' to the Jazz games, random visits to Liberty Park late at night(I know, retarded), going to UTES games, rolling down the hill in sugarhouse, tanning as much as I do, and still being white compared to other UTAH girls, visiting Temple Square weekly, trips to Provo for dance parties and the OVER ABUNDANCE of Mormon boys(cute mormon boys), being 6 hours from Vegas and 10-12 hours from Cali, staying up late laughing with my roomates(I don't really talk to my roomies now, so having good ones is important.) MASSIVE singles wards.

Oh Utah, as you can see I miss thee. Everytime I come and visit it breaks my heart a little bit more that I am no longer there with you. Call me crazy but I love the "Utah Mormons" I have soooo much fun with them! I will be back soon.


So, I've been reading the super cute blogs of random girls around Utah from Dixie, USU, BYU, U of U, UVU and it really made me miss living down there. I've been having an internal debate on how I want to handle the whole school situation. I've decided that I AM going to finish my NURSING, and I want to be a humanitarian nurse. The timeline hasn't exactly been all hatch out yet, but I have 3 semseters-ish minus my intern(hopefully in Utah, Vegas or So.Cali) then I'll a Registered Nurse, I'll write my American NCLEX, then come back to Canada write that one then AWAY I go. Bah!!! It sure sounds like I have my life on track huh?

I have alot of 'nursing' blood in my family. My grandma was a Nurse, and my Aunt just retired from Nursing, and when I talked to her at Christmas, she told me that WHEN I finish my Nursing she will give me her Nursing pin, and her watch. Then hopefully if I'm a REAL GOOD GIRL, I'll get my grandmas too. Cross your fingers!



Liz said...

Awww... special trinkets. How cute!

Um... just remeber the dating in Utah sucks... :P. We only "hang out" here...

Lachele said...

Very special....

Umm, I am quite aware of what goes on down there... haha!

Atleast you have boys to HANG out with down there, I have none of that!

Ariana said...

leeshee..utah would very much like your presence here. sign up for nursing school ASAP!!!! (and deliver my baby..haha jkjk)

i am inspired to say that you should go to school in Utah. Ok, i'm lying,...i wasn't..but you should still come down!

Anonymous said...

Don't do it. Utah is getting too crowded!

Lachele said...

haha I will for sure deliver your baby as long as you tell it to wait about 18 months, or I'll just deliver the rest of the red headed asians you two have. I am soooo excited to see how cute this babe will be! ALSO, Jaylene and I went to bubble tea and our waitress was your TWIN, we loved her! I will be in Utah in a few weeks, can we please plan a date?

Ha, thanks anon- I'd rather live in a crowded place as opposed to the desolate place I live now!