Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mr. X / BDTS

Ha, Ok so I've taken 3 naps today, I feel coherant enough to to blog a little bit.

First here is this update, I've been wanting to do this update since it happened but I didn't have the energy so I wrote a shotty one explaining my night NYE:)

Well, if I knew how to link posts together and stuff I could link you to like 10 posts on Mr. X and BDTS but I can't so you'll have to read from Aug 09-present to be caught up. (I'm sure if I read the tutorials on this blog I could do alot more fun things, but I won't so I can't )

Mr. X and BDTS showed up to the NYE party well after midnight(might I add) I was leaving the front of the dance floor cause I was getting sticky hott, and I needed some -29 fresh air. I see Mr. X wearing his ugly grandpa hat, and didn't really recognize the person standing next to him. You know when you're walking away from a crowd and you don't really want to be walking alone and so you look to atleast ONE person you know. Well thats what I did, and I got Mr.X. Now him and I are on pretty good terms right now, as long as he doesn't ask me out again. I gave him a HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR's hug(no kiss, that'd be werid) as I'm hugging X I see BDTS with him.
** OH GOOD HELL** So, not to be rude I gave him a Happy New Year's hug as well, I swear you give some people an inch, and the bloody retards take a mile. He lingered, and tried to kiss me. Thankfully only kissing me on the side of the cheek. I chatted for a few minutes(BDTS commented on how cute I looked that night, and how he's sad there's no more football cause he never sees me) then I promptly left, never to return to that spot for the rest of the NIGHT!


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