Monday, January 25, 2010

It's MY Birthday WEEK

I got the following text message this morning.

Me: Ugh. Saren we know how I feel about birthdays, mine inparticular.
Saren: Nope go and do ONE fun thing EVERY singgggggle day until your birthday!
Me:Umm, I probably am not even doing anything ON my actual birthday day. That takes too much work!

It's true. I hate my birthday. Ok, not hate it. Just ummm well don't like it. Every year since I turned 18 it just hasn't been a good day.

But this year is my last year before I get sad(25 apparently makes people sad) So I am going to do ONE fun thing everyday this week. Well fun too me!

Tonight-Tanning and Basketball :) Sweating makes me happy. Is that sick?
Tuesday-Im dying my HAIR dark and having girls night(lost/perogies) with Mandy
Wednesday- I'm going dress shopping and going to swimming/wings with everyone IN Calgary(no joke)
Thursday-HANGING OUT WITH HARRRRRRRISON! I love Harrison.(best day of the week)
FRIDAY- I'm going to dinner with some girls I work with, then going out with Tboy after.--Maybe go watch some UofC/USask bball
Saturday-Dinner with my family, then some basketball.
Sunday- Uhhh, isn't Sunday the superbowl:)

That sounds like a pretty rad week. I am a little nervous I only have one gym day schedule in AND I plan on eating cake everyday:) Errrr

I also realized I like chocolate. I've been telling Tboy that I don't. But I do. HA!



Jenna Lee said...

Happy birthday week!!!
ps. superbowl is next sunday though.. feb 12, so you gotta fill that day with something else!

Lachele said...

Ahhh haha well that' embarassing! I guess I will just have to find something else to do sunday! Pro bowl maybe! Ha

Anonymous said...

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