Monday, January 25, 2010


Last night I went to an IRC(Institute of Religion Council) Fireside. They're so fun! My way good friend Harrison's parents were the speakers. They ROCK. I've always loved the Batemans. They spoke on dating, and how to find the 'right' person, and the FACT that there is more than ONE Mr. Right. Go figure huh. They wanted to help us "f.i.n.d" our fabulous :)

Sister Bateman is a ball buster(if I can be so blunt) She seriously should be EVERY girls role model. She never put up with ANY crap from any guy, and when Brother Bateman was unsure of whether or not he wanted to marry her, she just said "alright that's fine, I will find someone else to marry" BAHH haha... I wish everyone knew Mckinley and Whillimina the way that I do. These people are absolutely amazing, so fun and just awesome!

They related a story about how they were in DC on a business trip and they were sight seeing and they were talking to people on the subway and Sister Bateman was commenting to someone on how friendly and nice the people work and this big African American woman said something to the effect of that they love theirselves so much. She said " I've never been a size sm or med. But I am size FABULOUS" (Genius, pure genius) They gave us instructions on how to "f.i.n.d" fabulous in our lives so that we become the best people we can before we marry.

Here is the recipe for finding fabulous

F- Fit, Brother Bateman said it doesn't matter if you 150lbs or 350lbs if your fit/healthy then you automatically have that confidence about yourself. Make sure you're eating right, exercising and getting plenty of sleep. (This is true. I always feel so much more confident and happy after a nice long run, etc)

I-Invest in yourself. Buy yourself some nice clothes, get your hair done, do something nice for yourself.

N- Nurture others- There is nothing more attractive than watching someone serve someone other than themselves. Nurture yourself(that goes along with Invest in yourself)

D- Develope yourself outside of appearances. Become well rounded. Find a hobby, and keep yourself busy.

This sound easy enough, but let's be honest. How many of us do all of these things, and are trying to become well rounded before we get married. I know for me if I'm having issues in one area of my life then it carries over into the other aspects and I'm never happy. The one thing that Sister and Brother Bateman stressed was...

BEFORE you can love someone else, and LET someone love you. You need to love YOURSELF.

How true is this. So many people think that life starts when you get married, and they spend the last few years of their single life wondering/waiting for marriage to come. Then it comes and you don't love yourself.

I love myself, I hope everyone else loves themselves as well, and try to F.I.N.D Fabulous in their lives :)


P.S my weekend was awesome/gongshow.... I went to the Temple Saturday. I love the Temple. I had a little situation on the way home but got it taken care of :) I got to hang out with Mandy, party it up, watch some basketball U of C totally beat UVic in a UBER close overtime game. LOVED IT! I love basketball! <3

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