Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Girls Night....

So my friend Mandy and I use to have girls nights...sometimes we'd invite other girls but often times it would just be us....for the simple fact that no one else can really handle us when we get into our "moods" it's a little unreal. I may or may not have to make a video of our moods one day for my blog :) That'd go over real well.

So normally we have perogie dates, where we cook and eat perogies and then do whatever. Well we've recently found a new love for LOST, and so we decided that we'd plow thru another disc while have a gormet perogies. We started off our date by going to superstore to get some essential items for our may or may not have included Ice cream, chips and conquesa, salsa, dr. pepper, two different kinds of perogie, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits and honey. Ugh. So yummy. I want more right now. I ate so many last night. In the summer our friend Chase taught us how to make honey perogies. Please do not say ewww... or knock it until you try it. Cause I said it would be disgusting and it was nothing SHORT of amazing:) Our Superstore adventure was just the beginning he danced up and down the isle, acting like children looking at all the valentines day stuff(p.s I bought the cutest valentines, if anyone wants one send me your address)

We loaded our stuff into my jeep and danced to a little NKOB on the way back to Mandy's. Anyone who knows us, knows we are obsessed with NKOB and we have dance parties literally shaking my jeep while driving. I just found out on one of the radio stations I listen to that they are doing this thing called 'breakfast in barbados' where listeners can win a week trip to barbados and you get to stay at a beautiful resort, and listen to bands that they have come, and it just sooooo happens that one of the bands this year just so happens to be NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK... oh hellllllllllll yah! I am so excited! I am going to win this trip and Mandy and I will be jet setting off to barbados for a week to chill with the nkob krew:) Oh man! I am so excited. Feel free to pray for me that I get thru, and get selected. It would be a dream come true. I know I sound like a loser right now. I say nkob in concert last Nov. mmmmm sooo amazing!

Anyways we get back to her house, chill, make our perogies and sit down to a nice gormet dinner of perogies :) We watched 4 episodes of lost, turned off our phones so we couldn't talk to any guys. I turned on my phone and had a bunch of missed texts ( I'm so popular) baha! just kidding...well kind of.

This is our delish dinner, set up with our cute sides and our drinks. How tender?

the bottom ones were the normal ones with cheese bacon bits and sour cream, and the top ones were the honey ones which were SOOOOOOO good. yum.

I can't wait til next week for our disc 3 of Lost and another perogie party!



Tripp Hazard said...

What are perogies?

Lachele said...

Oh my gosh....
Google them:)
They're dough with like cheese and potatoe on the inside and you boil them, then fry them and EAT THEM...soo good! I'll make them for you one day!

Diva's Drama said...

Guess what so you mentioned perogies in your blog after this and I had to google... ha ha. I've never even heard of them.

Lachele said...

Shut up??
You American... I wonder about you sometimes. I think you need to buy them, then call me and I'll tell you how to make them SOO good! It will become a staple to you, they're way cheap too!