Monday, December 7, 2009

The Wedding Scrouge

Has anyone realized that I haven't been blogging much lately. Normally it's 2-4 times a week and now it's Monday again and I feel like I have absolutely NOTHING to blog about! However, like the good,semi-dedicated blogger I am I will muster up something and try to make it as entertaining as I can.

Well Saturday I went to a wedding( I hate weddings) I use to love them, but now I really HATE them with a passion!(I have millions of wedding invitations of friends that should have seen me at theirs,but I bailed) Maybe I'm the wedding scrouge. Well, the wedding was nice, the food was delish. It was a girl I work with, and so I knew I'd be chillin with some other women from work to which I was a bit nervous for, but I was plesantly surprised by how different they were outside of the office. I did the Chicken Dance...with a 2 year old... I danced with an Old man, and had someone pinch my bum.... THEN I was forced into taking part in a humilating wedding tradition(This may or may not be the reason I LOATHE weddings.) **The bouquet toss** UGH! This has to be the most retarded tradish EVER! How embarassing is it to call out all the single ladies(who probably already hate their lives cause they're alone, and watching someone celebrate being with someone they love forever) congregate in a tight circle waiting for flowers to be thrown from the bride to decide their future. But, the show had to go on(and wouldn't unless I got in the circle) TAKE ONE--the bouquet was thrown by the bride and landed a foot and a half infront of me, to which I JUMPED back a few feet and hid my hands.... HA! it's not for me! I ducked outta that one pretty good! She decides she needs to go it again to be "fair" Ugh TAKE TWO-- She THROWS it at me. BAHHHHHHHHHHH-- They sure love to make the little mormon girl the joke of the wedding... For this EXACT reason, I decided NOT to take a date, I never would have heard the end of it, and the girls I work with would have embarassed the hell out of me!

**Sidenote** I have caught 5 bouquets...and I'm still single, I may have bouquetitis which means that catching the bouquet has the opposite effect on me than it would anyone else, so I'm pretty sure I've just doomed myself to 5 more years of singledom! If I'm married before I'm 30 I will be highly surprised!

My fave quote of the day was from my friend Trish's boyfriend in regards to her catching the bouquet.... "Don't you DARE catch it" Yet he catches the garter..BAHAHA! Looks like I was doing Matt a favor. I think I deserve to be compensated for my services! The flowers are very pretty tho!

All in all, I was highly surprised with what a good time it turned out to be!



chelseyk17 said...

hahaha! loved the story! to be honest, i never went in the circle for the boquet toss. it just wasn't my thing. i did do a mini bust out though when you backed up and hid your hands so you didn't get the boquet and then you ended up with it anyway!

Lachele said...

haha, I HAD to....the bride wouldn't start the toss until I got there....they had the whole reception stopped til I got out there. I wouldn't if I had a choice!