Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ok so here are some pictures, they're not fantastic by any means, and I didn't get any of T-boy and I at the dance, but i got some of us ice blocking....

Pretty much we did exactly what I said....however, I was an hour late in picking up Troy, which resulted in us being UBER late in getting to the dinner, then we spent a good chunk of time ice blocking, then played some card games at Bri's house, and finished off the night at the gym.

I'm not too sure why I was just so eager to blog about this, now I realize it's probably a super boring post, and the pics really aren't that good. I think I'm just happy to have pics on my blog from now on!

There are just a few. There's more on my facebook, but blogger is taking too long to download them so this is all you get!


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