Thursday, November 12, 2009

Out to Lunch!

Now, everytime something funny happens to me I automatically say " This will get a blog post" so now everything gets a blogpost nowadays! :) Trish, Sarah and I went to the Lazy Loaf for lunch today, and it was DELISH! mmmm sooo good. I got the sandwhich and salad combo and it was devine :) It's a pretty small place, so its always usually pretty hard to find a place to sit. We ended up pulling apart a double table from a mother and her small child. While we were waiting for our lunch we were listening to this little girls conversation with her mother. It was pretty cute! I looked over at her and smiled so she said hi to me.

LG-Hiiiiiiiiiiiii*with a big cheesey grin*
Me- Oh hi, how are you?
LG- dooood, I'm doood
Me- Whats your name?
LG- Rinnlie(I have a friend who's adorable daughters name is Rinnlie)
Me- I'm lachele...

**little girl to her mom** -- Mom, MOM their strangers!!!

haha sooo funny, this little girl was super cute!

Me- Good girl, you don't want to talk to strangers
Girls Mom- But she's a good stranger
LG- ohhhhhhhh I'm not in trouble?
GM- No honey

** I make a funny face at the little girl **

LG- MOOOOOOOOOM she has a funny looking face

HAHA! All of us busted out laughing, She was super cute!

I love random moments like this, they make me smile. I hope my kids are as cute, and tender as this little girl. She was pretty funny!



Sarah C said...

Cute kid! Brighton is in that stage where he says random things.... it seriously almost makes me pee myself!

Lachele said...

haha seriously man! This little girl was soooo funny! She was way cute! It totally made my day! I love talking to little kids!