Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is It Weird......

....that I'm 23 and contemplating a mission......

**No this isn't an annoucement**

.I thought about going on a mission when I was 21, and 22... and I just never did. Things came up, I had a job, I had bills to pay. I had a Jeep payment, I have student loans.

..Well, all of these(minus the job part..I hope) will all becoming to an end in about a year and a half, maybe two years.. I'll be almost 26. Is that too late to go on a mission? I'm assuming that in the next year and a half I will not have been swept off my feet by my prince charming, so then what? I'll be completely debt free, I'll have ZERO obligations, What is left for me to do, cause lets be honest! I'd probably be retired right now if I didn't have so many financial obligations(Ok, so I wouldn't be, but it's fun to think about). I have a few options.

.Option 1. I could very well go on a mission at 26. Age isn't really anything other than a number right? So what if all my friends are married with kids now, and I'm just taking myself off the market for 18 months. hmmmm

.Option 2. I could go back to school, rack up that debt again, and hope that someone will marry me with the tens of thousands of dollars in loans racked up again...hmmm

.Option 3. I can keep working where I'm at, in hopes to advance with the AHS, save my money, buy a house and travel. 26 is still young, It'd be fun! hmmmm

Ok, so I guess I'll weigh my options for the next 18 months, see where I'm at. Ya'll could very well be calling me "Sister Wickens" or "Dr. Wickens" or "Jet-setter Wickens" in the near future :) I'll keep ya posted!


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Ariana said...

go on a mission! i wanted to! or if you aren't sure, prepare as if you ARE going on a mission...then no matter what, it will put you in the right place and you'll be ready for whatever is supposed to happen.

you never know what happens, but you will be really greatly blessed if you go on a mission. or even if you start preparing for one but don't end up going.