Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Wow, is it Wednesday already? Holy cow! I feel like my life is passing me by a mach speed!

Alas, here we are again. I get to start off by saying THANK YOU to those of you who commented on my last PSI Wednesday, thanks for all the compliments, as well as telling me what you love about yourself!

So as I've been thinking about my Positive Self Image for today, I came up with something that is sort of a given as well. It's my skin.( I need to come up with some other stufF) I've seriously been blessed with amazing skin! While all my friends in highschool were on acutane, and all those other blemish creams I never had that problem. One name I can say I've never been called in my life is Pizza Face...Probably the only name I've never been called at that.. ha ha! I never really got zits, or dry skin, or whatever else other people got on a regular basis. Although I do tend to break out right around that 'blessed' time of the month and when I'm really stressed. Then that causes a chain reaction... I get (A) zit, I freak out, I get more stressed and then I don't do anything for a week(like right now) and I wait for them to go away. I assume since I can see them, and I know they're there, everyone does. So I do get made fun of for freakin out for a little blemish, while there are other people who have it way worse...

Alright, what else do you guys love about yourselves! Now that my top 3 obvious' are done, I'm going to have to dig deeper, or stop this PSI--Wednesday thing..ha ha


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