Wednesday, October 14, 2009

P.S.I-- Wednesday

Well, here's to week two of PSI Wed.

Thanks to Megan and Sarah for commenting on last weeks. You two are way too cute! Thank you for such sweet compliments. THIS week...will you two tell me one thing you love about YOURSELF.... you forgot to do that last time!

Well, I almost feel like I should pick something else as my PSI for the week, but I don't want to. I really REALLY love my hair! I have always had nice, thick, straight/curly hair! I cut it about 6 months ago and I'm not going to LIE, I hate it short. I wish it was longer... and I'm growing it out again. I know people say I look younger with long hair, and that short hair really does suit me... I just miss the long hair, and the fun things I could do with it!

So now...everyone please tell me one thing you love about yourself! I did it, now it's your turn!



Amber and Ryan Palmer said...

I love your hair too! It is always really cute. Even if you may not always agree I do really like it the way that it is right now. The length is hot!

Kinsey said...

Yeah, you're hot Lachele.

Me? Um....I think my eyes.

How was your trip to taber town?

Lachele said...

Aww thanks Amber...
I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. When it was long, I wanted it short...and when it's short I can't wait for it to get longer ha ha.... thanks tho!

--Kins I looooove your eyes!! They're amazing.. and thank you! Thats sooo nice of you to say that about me. :)

Taber was fantastic. I left my parents house exactly once and that was for church ha ha!