Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Positive Self Image....

This morning on the radio on my way to work I was listening to one station and they were talking about models, and plus sized models, and self image. Well apparently model industry standards say any model over size FOUR is on her way to plus sizes. WHAT THE HECK! my left leg is a size 4(ok so it's not really) but come on! I've never been a size four. Other standards say plus size starts at 12-14. That I can handle cause I'm a 12, it's not THAT plus but I guess when you get up there it can be considered it. No wonder there are so many eating disorders and young girls dying because of this. I never knew it was THAT bad! I've always been self conscious about the way I look... Liking something and LOATHING other things...

I've started Positive Self Image Wednesdays. Even tho there might be alot of things I don't like about myself... Every Wednesday I will blog about something I love about myself. I get wrapped up in the whole "worldly" images, thinking I need to look like the girl on the poster at the gym, or thinking I need to look like the cute blonde sitting in front of my in Sacrament meeting. I'll admit there are alot of things I need to work on. I could stand to lose some weight(its not a secret ha ha), I could stand to tone up my relief society arms, and tone up my stomach and butt a little, BUT there will always be something I will love about myself it might not be physical but each week I will hopefully be able to find something new about myself, and maybe give myself a little encouragement to fix the things I'm not so fond of.

So, here it is! I love my eyes. I have fantastic eyes. They're tiny, but I like them small. I'm not sure how many of you have actually had a chance to look at my eyes closely. They're the a bright crystal blue in the middle with a dark blue outline around the edges. I love my eyes so much. Funny story. In highschool my friends use to call me "squints" because whenever I'd smile my eyes would disappear. I'd get asked soooo many questions like "wow, your eyes are gone..can you even see.?" ha ha! I can see perfectly fine!

Last night I decided to try my hand at lifting weights. I did get mocked by Troy after, and I am so sore today...but I'm proud of myself! I use 12.5lbs as my heaviest weight, but cut me some slack it was my first time. I worked out my upper body and it was good. I did it for about 45 minutes. I'm going to look online for some set workouts I can do so I don't look like I know nothing! Hopefully in a month or two I'll be able to notice some results so I can blog about that as my P.S.I Wed.

Tell me what you like about yourself!



Megan said...

hahaha "they're tiny, but I like them small". love it! and you should know that i covet your hair. ummmm, I like my face dents. They're not dimples... just dents right above my cheek bones. One time someone asked me if I got hit in the face with a golf club... then they noticed I had one on the other side of my face too. I love them though because I got them from my dad and they're unique.

Sarah C said...

I'm with Megan... totally JEALOUS of your hair!

Oh and i just about died with your LNT convos... haning out with Bass huh? Wow... I think next time I wake up to pee at three am (unfortunatley that happens more than not) I may have to text you! LOL