Thursday, September 10, 2009

The little black box!

So my dad gave me a black plastic brief case last time I went home, and it's full of alot of neat things. I don't know much about my family on any end. But last weekend my dad gave me something that I've loved looking thru.

He gave me a box full of stuff from my Grandpa Wickens(who I never met, cause he died before I was born). I've read stories, looked at pictures(he was one good looking man) and got a little glimpse into the life he lead. Now I know why my Dad is such a good person, cause he was raised by good people. I miss my Grandpa and my Nana alot! I have the amazing opportunity to do their Temple work for them, and as I've been gathering names to do their work for them it's been fun to learn more about them. I've already got my Grandma Bigelow's name ready to take to the Temple and I'm really excited for the chance I'll have to do her work for her.

I'm grateful today for my family. I wish I knew more about my extended family on both sides, but I don't. I hope that I can be a good record keeper so my kids and grandkids will know about me and my parents. I also hope I get married and have kids before my parents die, so my kids will know them! (random....I know)

I love the Temple, and the work that it does to seal families together, and I'm grateful that I have the chance to be apart of sealing my family together for eternity.

<3 Lach

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