Monday, September 14, 2009

The CFL called......

They want me.....

It's true. Calgary Stamps. Ask em Yourself!

I now have Merit to act like Kman.!

I was a little nervous that I was going to play football, I did stats for the highschool football team when I was in grade 11 and 12, but I've never played, and there's nothing NOTHING I hate more than playing something I'm good at, with people who suck.... So I felt bad for these boys, who had to play with me because Kman invited me.

Kman called me Saturday morning. I shook the pre-game jitters by shopping at the mall. Hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do...aight! I played the what if game...
-what if I suck.
-what if I get hurt and can't play basketball monday night.
-what if I'm so good I make YOU look like a tool.
-what if I pass out.
-what if I just don't want to play..

Kman's response: You won't suck, you'll be fine, no one can make me look bad, you won't pass out you're in good shape, please just come play..

So. I. Went. With. Mandy.

Apparently, it's not "cool" to be fashionably late to football, I got a 5 minute lecture how it's good to be on time.

So I was. He was LATE!

We picked teams, I was on T-boys team... Kman and BDTS(read previous post) were on the other team.
--Kman got the first TD :(
--I bailed a few times. Didn't hurt as bad as I thought
--I caught the ball everytime Kman told me I have sticky hands=good
--I tried my hand at QB Probably should stick to running the ball
--I got an interception.

** The boys didn't really take it easy on the girls, so I didn't do good just out of pity, I actually wasn't that bad. **

BDTS: Wow, Lachele you're alot better than I thought you'd be. I'm impressed. Very. Impressed. {He kept giving me compliments} I'll take em' cause I wasn't getting them from kyle.

My team beat his. T-boy and I definately Gloated. Turns out I'm not a humble winner either, and he's not the classiest loser. Looks like the Shoe is on the other foot now :) and it feels good.

Best news on all. I got invited to come back next week and play.

Just minutes after we finished, I started feeling all tight, and sore. Great. After my shower, it just got worse. After the Fireside walking in heels. Even worse. Today. Still sore. Yesterday I sneezed followed by a cry because it hurt so bad. Mandy is sore too. Kman and T-boy not so much. It was such a fun workout, I'm definately going back as long as they keep inviting me. I don't want to get TOO good, they might feel their 'manhood' being threatened. I hear guys don't like that.

Tonight is the first night of my Basketball Tourney, we lose we're out, we win, we advance and play later this week. For any of you who want to come out at watch, I play tonight at 8 & 9 at Mount Royal in the Kenyon Gym. It will be good times had by all. I'm confident we'll win.


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