Monday, September 14, 2009

Can it get anymore awkward.... I think NOT

Sooo.... Mr.X asked me to play 'tennis' with him again this week.....
.So not going to happen.

So, Awkward award of the year goes to me. Like really, sometimes the things that happen to me, just aren't supose to happen in real life. I feel like a goober right now.

Here's a little preface to Saturdays situation..quite comical.for

August 27th(I remember this date because I was leaving to go to Taber for Cornfest) I ran home after work to grab my suitcase, and the last of my clothes out of the dryer when I hear a knock at my front door. I go and answer it.A guy is standing there.He stares at me for a second. THEEEEEN--

BoyDownTheStreet: hiyoudontknowmebutithinkyourereallycuteiwaswonderingifyoumaybeyoudliketogooutwithmesometime.--{he said it really fast with no breath inbetween each sentence.}
Me:Wow, thank you. But I have a boyfriend{not entirely false, kman is dating Mandy and I}
BDTS:ohyahthatmakessenseagirlascuteasyouwouldhaveaboyfriendhuhsorrytobotheryou {then he started mumbling about something he told my roomates one day,I didn't really pay attention.}

--I go on my merry little way,telling Mandy,Kman,and Allison about it (NATRUALLY)--

Soo now that there is the preface to the story:
Saturday Mandy,Sariah and I get to football(ONTIME...contrary to what Kman might say) and Kman was introducing everyone to us, lo and behold...WHO IS THERE? HA....BDTS..... G R E A T ....haha seriously... I never thought I'd see him every again, I had no idea who he was, I didn't know he was a member, I didn't know he was B.E.S.T..F.R..I.E.N.D.S with Mr.X..... HA HA...(yup this is seriously happening)

So... I hope he doesn't know who I am, but since he's clearly been watching me I'm sure he knows EXACTLY who I am... I avoid him. Pretty much stick to Kman like glue.Yup.I'! We play football(which I rock at, actually...that deserves it's very own post.cause.i.was.that.good!)

We played for about two hours...after football I left quickly with my girlies right behind me, we went home to shower before the adult session of stake conference...

S H O W E R I N G & G E T T I N G R E A D Y

We get to conference... I see Mr. X and BDTS sitting in the chapel, I grab Mandy and we go sit in the gym. phewf! Safe, Kman and T-boy get there....sit with us. Conference was great! I loved it. The Spirit was Strong... After it ended I was trying to get away real quick..didn't happen so well...

Approching...Mr. X and BDTS....


BDTS: Hi Lachele, Wow you look alot different than you did at football {yeah, thanks I know I look like trash running up and down a field in +27} , You clean up nicely.....
Me: Thanks, I guess thats what happens when you take a shower, and straighten your hair.
BDTS: Doesn't hurt than you're in a dress and heels.... {HA!, Really}
Me: True....

I try grabbing Kman and T-boy so we can leave.... Mandy,Kman,T-boy and I left, Mr. X and BDTS came over to Mandys, we went to McDonalds.... pretty low key evening...

BDTS: So, is that tall blonde haired kid your boyfriend?
Me: Yes, yes and YES! ha ha {THANK YOU KMAN}

They left, and I went home to bed....

I never did see them at Stake Conference yesterday.
--- I'm not exactly sad about that either ---

Sister Daltons Fireside last night was sick. She's awesome! I loved it. I sat front row. I was early! Things are lookin up for me!

--Here's to Lachele and her Awkward Situations--
--- I have no one to blame but myself ---


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