Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Catch-Up

So I know I haven't really posted about whats been going on in my life lately so I feel like a catch up post is definately in order..... I think I need to go back to the beginning of August....

-I went home for the long weekend just for the Friday and Saturday cause Kathryn came home from BYUI and so we did the usual catch up activities which consist of Chicken Wings and smores(long story that goes back about 10 years) We talked about boys, and life/work and all of that, I got to hang out with her cousin Brinn too who I haven't seen in a long time!! Miss you, and I promise I will come visit you, I went floating down the Barnwell Canal--Greatest activity ever. It such a fun past time for all of us taber/barnwell people! I had dinner with my familia then I headed back to calgary so it was a quick trip but I was teaching Relief Society that Sunday so I had to be home and I was trying to come up with a object lesson and I had nothing so kyle was going to show me how to blow up tea bags or something... so we did that Saturday night at Mandys apt :) Thanks for letting us start fires at your house.
-August 4th Harrison got home, and I was sooo excited. He's sooo awesome and I've been excited for him to come home ever since he left and I was able to go listen to him speak on Sunday, and he's just Harry! It's definately way good to have this kid home. I got to hang out with him for a bit, his parents have him busy already, and he's working with his brother for a little while
-This last weekend I was pretty sick all weekend so friday night I had a chill night alone watching Crossroads(yup, the britney spears movie) HA!
-Saturday I was still pretty sick so Mandy and I skipped Football(good thing too, some guys had to get stitches) but we definately got an ear full from Kman, but then when we told him we were both sick, he brought us soup, lemonade, advil and girl chocolate(areo bars) ha ha and hung out with us ALLLLLLLLLL night! Who would willingly hang out with us while we're sick?? Well Kman would cause he's a PIMP ha ha..
-This week has just been full of work, the gym, insitute, shakespeare in the park, and this weekend will consist of baseball games, a dance and some random Saturday night Adventures I'm sure.

Tyler and Brett are getting ready to go back to Utah for school, and we're going to miss them something terrible, but I'm happy that they're southern alberta boys, cause I'll definately get to see them again!

And the "girl Chocolate bar" I refered to earlier that kman brought us needs a bit of explaining. Kman had the bright idea to bring us those chocolate because its full of little airbubbles which means that its not ALL chocolate, so when we eat a full areo bar its like only eating half of a normal one...ha ha. Either he knows us really well, or he doesn't think we need a whole chocolate bar....

I'm sorry about the lack of pictures... I will do better soon I promise!


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