Monday, July 20, 2009

Good NEWS!

...... so here it is...ready?!?! DUN DUN DUN!!! I found my computer cord for my camera.... HALLEJUIAH! I can now add more pictures alot easier to my blog and to fb. My laptop has been acting super werid lately and it hasn't been working the best so it TAKES FOREVER to download pictures and I just couldn't be all I need to do is find time outside of work to do it! hmmmmmm well one problem down, one to solve!

I had a good weekend, I went diving with my dad on Saturday in Waterton, I loved it, it was amazing and I forgot how much I missed diving.. We have plenty more trips planned this summer... and some pretty funny stories from this last dive..(I'll share the story then upload pictures when I get home) So my dad let me lead the dive, but the only problem is, is I don't have a compass on my gauges, nor do I even know how to use one(after 11 years of diving, I still don't know how to use a compass under water) Or above water for that matter... anyways so we went out off the dock and followed the sandbar around...played with drift wood, found some tresures(fishing lour's, 25 cents, and golf balls...) I was having boyancy problems so I was putting alot of air into my BC to compensate which was draining my tank, and I was diving with a short tank so I had about we started to head back and(one thing you should know about me, is I get distracted easily, anyone who knows me knows this is true, but its even more so underwater) everything down there is just sooooooo cool so I just follow things. I saw a massive school of fish that were about 12 inches long each, so I started following them(since I was leading the dive I assumed my dad was following me...) W.R.O.N.G and by the time I realized he wasn't with me....I was lost...and I was pretty I made my accent(which has to be done right or else it will make me sick) so by the time I got up to the surface to see where I was I had 1000psi left.... and I was C L E A R on the other side of the lake....whoops:s HA! So, I went back down but stayed at about 15 feet incase I ran out of air it wouldn't take long for me to get to the surface.... I was almost at the dock and I saw my dads tank so I went up to him....boy was he pissed I got a double fist(which means REAAAALLY pissed, in underwater lingo) So we finished the dive and laid around in the water for a little while to cool off.... it was a good dive, and I even got my dad to admit it wasn't my fault I got lost :) he was supose to be following me!

Here's another story that is a little embarassing, but I finally found the WATERTON WHALE! As I was making my way back to the dock alone I looked up and saw a MASSIVE shadow going over top of me, and I momentarily forgot where I was and thought it was a whale swimming overtop of me... and boy did I scream(yes you can scream under water, and my reg fell out of my mouth, it dropped and I had a heck of a time finding it) but it scared the crap out of me. It's a pretty funny story but when I got to the dock I wanted to flip that canoe. They kept swimming around my bubbles and I just wanted to flip em'

We went into town after the dive to grab some dinner and do some shopping and we saw Trish, Shand and Rachel, boy oh boy is that little girl ever the cutest thing ever! She looks just like Trish did when she was that age! She's sooo smart and super sassy! I love my family!


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Ariana said...

i was expecting some bigger news. haha lol miss ya!