Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Corporate Challenge

So everything is getting back to normal. I have been running 6 miles and biking 10 again, Life is good when I'm sweating :) That sounds werid but I love the way it makes me feel, and I love that I can actually do it. I also love that I'm doing it for a reason. --training for triathlons-- The Corporate Challenge--To get back in shape.

So a few posts ago I talked about the corporate challenge and how they've included every co. in the city, and about how I was SUPER gungho and signed up for a million events....well this last week and a half or so I've been recieving emails to get together our teams for practices....HA PRACTICE! I actually/honestly thought I'd just go the day of and play...none of this practice business... I play volleyball every week, its been a while since I've played basketball but it's not like I suck I'll just go shoot around on my own time... I run everyday so I don't need to go in a running group and bocce ball...haha seriously how do I even practice for that.... the only sport I think I'd need some practice at is, is the baseball...and thats just cause I haven't played in probably 10 years. Starting next week I'll have two practices a week for various sports, its not manditory that I go, but it will be good added workouts everyday, so whats the harm... meh! I say bring it on, and I'm stoked!

Last night at institute I was "trying to hear what wasn't being said" aka recieve some revelation, and we were talking about the plan of salvation and how right now those that pass on are in the spirit world, and are either in spirit paradise or spirit prision waiting for the ressurection me thinking about how much Temple work needs to be done in my family, so tonight after work I'm meeting the family history person in my ward to do some family history. My aunt has done alot of it, but I know of alot of work that hasn't been done yet. I'm going to start with my grandparents that have died and try to work back from there. I don't know very much about either sides of my family so this could potentially be a difficult task, but I guess we will see tonight. I've never had a strong desire to do Family History but I do now.... I guess if I'm going to the Temple every month I might as well do someone in my families work. :)


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