Thursday, June 18, 2009

I never have cool titles

I hate adding titles, but I feel its a must, they're going to be sooo random from now on, considering that I usually just put something stupid anyways.....

Anyways, Last night I had a chance to catch up with my good friend Chase, whom I love dearly and I think he needs to come visit ASAP! It was really good to talk to him(and I hope his dad doesn't castrate him for calling canada) but I'm glad he did, and that he was willing to make that sacrifice for me! Thanks Chase :) anyways, we haven't been the best of friends lately, life, school, and work get in the way...which is fine but last night we had a good little chat after my meetings last night and we caught me up to speed on alot of stuff going on with him, and I told him about the latest in my life...and it was nice! It's so nice to know that whenever I lose contact with different people for various amounts of time, that when we finally do talk its like no time has passed.... It's totally like that with Chase and I...we won't talk for a month or two except for random fb messages and when we talk its like nothing has changed! I love it! Thanks Chase for the advice... we'll see if I have the balls to carry thru with what you told me to do...ha ha!!

ANNNNNNNNNND!!!! Saren was in Calgary, and so we met in the Ikea parking lot at like 11 for a little chit chat, and so I could give her, her credit card back...back in the day Saren had the hugest problem with spending money so she gave me her credit cards to freeze, and she's going home for her brothers wedding and she needed to grab it from me, so it was a good reason to get to see her! She's sooo funny, and I love that no matter how much time we are apart(which is alot right now cause shes selling in Medicine Hat) it's still the same between us. <3 it! Here are some pictures of Saren and I, note the same faces, but different clothes, we do this alot, and I just love LOVE LOOOOVE her! She's awesome and can't you tell we have so much fun together!

Funny story Saren and I had been sitting in the parkinglot of Ikea for like 45 minutes and this Rent-A-Cop had been crusing up and down the isles to make sure nothing shady was going on, and we just laughed sooo hard everytime he drove past us, and like the 20th time he drove past us, he stopped and said " Ladies, I know you're just talking, but I'm just checkin to see no shady business is going on, carry on" HAHAHA!!! Thanks Rentacop! He probably didn't even have a nightstick....I love the random things that happen in my life, and can I just tell you getting harassed in the Ikea parking lot at midnight is high up there on my list of random things that have happened to me!


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Ashley said...

Ahh haha rent a cop!! ha that is hilarious! i cant believe he asked if shady things were going on. you and saren remind me alot of aubrey and i. we use to take pictures and try to see who can make the best or ugliest face. ha i liked the photos and random titles!