Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Credit Cards

..... You know what....


--I hate when people try to give me more than one credit card, and I really hate it when they up my credit card limit without asking me. They're trying to make me go bankrupt. Now, in self defense right now my credit card limit is only at $2000.00 but every 6 months they up it $500 bucks.... they're going to make me go broke soon! I'm not near as bad as some of my friends, or other people I've heard about, but I feel like I've been paying off my credit card for sometime now and it sucks, because all of the money I could be putting into savings, I'm using to pay down my stupid credit card. I was living on such a good strict budget for the first few months of the year, and I was wicked stoked and super proud of myself, but I find myself slipping. I would not go to movies, or out to dinner if it wasn't in my weekly budget. I alloted myself money for gas, groceries and a little extra for some entertainment. BUT I would just start spending off my credit card if I wanted a new pair of jeans, or a new hoodie.... and now I am mad. Mad, because I have two weddings to go to this fall that are no where near where I live(which means I need to spend money) annnnd I have a friend coming up from Utah for Stampede....=money I need to spend. When will I learn. My parents have always taught me that I need to be responsible I thought I was but apparently not.... At the rate/my game plan I will have my credit card paid off by August 11th. LAME huh?!?!

I don't know where my money goes, but it doesn't go where it needs to be. I don't know how some people raise families on my salary, because I can barely live on it(not true, I'd have close to $1000 in savings a month if I could just curb my spending.) New Goal= Lachele learning how to save her money....=Good Goal!

<3 Wish me Luck!

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Ashley said...

good goal! took me moving home and not driving, or shopping as much to stop spending all my money. i have really really really cut back on my spending. i rarely eat out and when i do its like 3 bucks so 3 bucks a week compared to my 200 bucks a week on take out.. yes i have done well!