Thursday, December 18, 2008

T minus 6 days.....

until I head home.... and here's just a little update for you. I still haven't boughten any christmas presents, and we have no tree up at my house in Calgary, and I think I'm starting to turn into a scrouge. I guess all the grinches I work with are starting to rub off on me. I'm getting on that this weekend, all my shopping will be done by saturday. I just know it.... I am so excited for christmas, and I am excited to go home and see my family!!!

After a week or so of laziness I've finally bucked up and headed back to the gym and can I just tell you I am soooo much happier. I love the gym(even tho I am sore as heck today) I really need to get a pair of those padded shorts all the bikers are raving about, because my glutes are just sooooo sore right now. I guess thats what a 23 mile bike ride will do to you... bah! It's either the padded shorts, or I will be walking like I just got off a horse for the next 5 months.... no bueno! I am really excited about 2009 and I think I've made some pretty good goals, and I hope that I keep them, my number one is training for this triathlon.

The last week has been absolutely nuts, just so much has been happening and I think I just shut down. Friday night was our ward christmas party, and it was fantastic(the parts I got to enjoy) We had a little tragedy down in Taber this weekend, and it really hit me. I'm sooo thankful for the plan of salvation and I'm thankful for my knowledge of things happen for a reason. I'm thankful for prayer, and I know that there is someone who hears and answers them, not exactly the way we hope that they will be answered. I know that the Lord knows the bigger picture and sometimes we don't know why things happen, but that they do happen for a reason, with that being said I know that the Lord is watching out for Chris and I know that if its the Lords will he will recover and be fine, I know that Darren will pull thru this like the Champ he is and he will know that he was saved for a reason, and not to take advantage of the chances hes going to have. I'm grateful for the Yokoyama family and their testimonies. It must be really hard to lose a son at such a young age. I'm also grateful for the families that these boys come from, because I know that they know that the Lord loves them. Saturday the roads were still so bad, and I just didn't want to drive so I did something I haven't done in a really long time. I stayed home allllllllllll day long and did nothing but watch saturday morning cartoons, I had like a months worth of laundry to do and I just left it. I got bored around 4 and so I decided to go tanning but on my way tanning my tire just went flat.... WTF.... it was -49 and my tire was flat, if I tried to call AMA it would have taken me up to 72 hours to get someone to change my tire...... and I didn't know how to change a tire( I know I should know, don't tell me) I was sitting at a light for 20 minutes and this guy stopped me to help me he said he passed me 20 minutes ago and it took him 20 minutes to get back to me, but he felt bad and wanted to help me, he said he was a little disappointed that no one else stopped to help me. Let me tell you how grateful I was for that man who stopped to help me.... He said he stopped to help me because last week someone stopped to help his girlfriend, so he thought it was only appropriate to stop and help someone elses girlfriend... THHAAAANK YOu.... also, a huge shout out to my parents for teaching me to have extra gloves,toques and blankets in my jeep..... being the smart girl I am, I wasn't dressed all that warm, I wasn't anticipating a flat tire, and my blanket, and my gloves definately came in handy while that guy was changing my tire.

Well I haven't been too good at blogging lately, I did so well the first week and fell off the bandwagon the last week, I'll be better I promise, especially in 2009, I have to be! I can't wait to be done with work for a few days and just go home and hang out with my family and friends, I don't get to go home as much as I should(with only living 2 hours away) I think that will be one of my goals to change in 2009 too... Lately, I've been thinking alot about that, what if this is the last time I get to see someone in my family(heaven forbid) but in lieu of recent events you never really know what happens from one minute to the next.

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Sarah C said...

I got a flat 2 or 3 weeks ago and I was soooooo greatful to the guy who stopped and helped me too. He was also shocked that no one else had pulled over since he passed me going the other direction and then flipped a u-eey to come help me!