Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's allllmost time for CHRISTMAS!

So today it pretty much just dawned on me, that christmas is in 15 days...two weeks.... no big deal... only... it is a HUGE DEAL... I haven't really listened to much christmas music yet, and I haven't done any christmas baking(not that I did before, but I thought this was a good year to start.) and I haven't brought any presents yet(except a few for me) oops!! I always do that, buy myself stuff right before christmas.. No bueno.... So in light of my realization this morning, I've been trying to bring the christmas spirit to work, and I realize that I work with a bunch of GRINCHES!!!!! One girls boyfriend cancelled Christmas...who just cancels Christmas...crazy man!! and I've been belting out christmas songs, and talking about carolling all day, and I've been playing christmas songs off of all day, and everyone just thinks I'm BONKERS! I'm the nuts one... I also realized that I SUCK royally at wrapping gifts... just the worst present wrappers ever... and I think I kind of already knew that, cause every year at christmas my mom always puts the presents I wrap at the back of the tree so that it doesn't make her "christmasness" look stupid... how rude.. I have a complex dang it! The last few days at work have been spent wrapping presents that people in my dept. bought for our Cancer family( each year the Tom Baker has lists of families who need help this time of year, and each dept takes a family and buys them things...) Well my dept took on two older couples and spoiled them rotten, and I got my ward involved in one too, and let me tell you did they ever score BIG TIME... I just love it!! My whole jeep was full of boxes and presents that were donated my people in my ward, and the bishoprics families.. it was amazing.... I just love this time of year.

As for the whole Tri-delimema(sp just doesn't look right) I got it all figured out last night.... actually Rianne and Mal knocked some sense into me...they're my workout buddies and part of the reason I got into tri's well kind of... Its a long story but needless to say I'm thankful for them, and that they're kicking my butt into gear.... only problem is that both of them live in another COUNTRY..... oh man!! They work out together and I work out alone, but with them...ha ha if that makes sense at all.... Ri is going all out, she just loves this sort of thing, and I love her, last night we were talking about how shes going to get shirts made, and we need a team name and we're going to get sponsors and all that jazz.... She wants to start a blog for us to write on so we each know how the others are doing, which I think is great and since I prove to be such a good little blogger here I will be just as good with their blog too... how fun is that. It's going to be a tri-training/weight loss thing that we're doing, and needless to say I'm pretty stoked, so once that blog is up and running I'll probably add the link here somewhere( HA I'm speaking like I actually know what the pickle is going on with this blog business) Ri also introduced me to this thing called the hcg diet, her and mal have both done it, and I'm starting it Jan 1st with them and a couple other people, so we'll be blogging about our experience there, if you want more info just go to and if you have any other questions I'd be happy to direct you to Rianne, shes fantastic... I just love those girls, last night I was thinking about what a huge committment I've made, and it made me really excited because I really think that this is something that I will contiune to do for a long time(if I do well in my first tri) I've read alot about goals within a tri, and how we need to make realistic goals when doing them, especially for my first one, so really my only goal should be to finish the race and not die.... but for some reason my competitive side is kicking in, and I just want to do the best I can. I found an 11 week training program that looks pretty easy, and I will spend less time in the gym that I do now( but I will do other things at the gym that will keep me there my normal time) but the specific training things I need to do are short, anyone can do a tri. I'm doing the 11 week training but I've got 21 weeks to do it, so until I find something better I'm just going to do each week twice and push myself a little farther everytime. I'm excited now.... but tomorrow or even tonight I will probably be second guessing myself..... but as long as I have Mal and Ri to be there for me, I think I will be fine....

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