Sunday, April 15, 2012

You're never alone.

My last few blog posts have been super downers. Ugh. I hate it when I am a downer. But I hate reading blogs where everyone it's all happy times and groovy tunes.

It's not realistic. I am glad I am able to share a few of my thoughts. And get some good feedback. Thank you.

I needed today. I needed to sit in sacrament meeting and read my patriarchal blessing. I needed to read my scriptures. I am sorry I didn't listen to the talks. But the spirit spoke to me. The spirit made me feel better. The spirit testified to me of a few different things that I really needed to hear. It was hard to hear. It was hard to come to terms with. But. I know that if I can push past this trial, I will end up happier than I could ever expect.

I need to keep myself busy right now. I need to constantly be learning and progressing.

I never thought that I would be 26 and virtually starting over. *I still have my job, I still have my house. I still have all that* I just feel like I am meant for so much more. And. Instead of waiting for it to fall in my lap. I am going to go out and make something of my life.

This is hard for me. Because. I am the MOST indecisive person I have ever met.

One minute I want to become a Nurse Practitioner. The next day I want to be an Astronaut. Today I want to get a degree in Hospital Management.

Faith can not reside where fear is.

I am trying to be fearless. One step at a time.

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Amanda Nicole said...

I really do hate how 60% of the blogs I read are from people who have the perfect husband, the perfect dog, the perfect house, the perfect job and they've never had a bad day in their entire life. Everyone has down days, blogging about them only shows that you're not trying to seem better than anyone else. I don't think there is anything wrong with not being able to make up your mind. You're still young. Sounds like you have a lot of options in the medical field. I'm going into the medical field and it took me forever to decide exactly what I wanted to do. I feel like by the time I start working, I'll be wanting to go back to school.