Friday, May 6, 2011 now where I will be blogging about working out, eating and losing these last 10(20)lbs.

I know people who stop by my blog are super annoyed with hearing about all my macro nutrients, and my calories, and how many lunges I did last night(50 by the way) so my workout buddy(see previous post) and I made a new blog.

I think it says it all. We use to be skinny. Now, well.... we're a little less than..due to having a baby..and well being lazy..I'm the lazy one. Saren is the one that had the baby... just in case anyone was wondering.

We even made an email. Can you guess what it is?

So email us if you have any questions. I was talking to a couple girls about it last night, and they think it's a good idea. So we'll see how good of an idea it is. Remember how I posted about mine and Sarens friendly little competition...well this is where you can keep track of our progress.. and where you can join in on the fun. Maybe we'll even do a little at-home prize for the winner. *I have yet to discuss any of this with Saren, who will probably find out about all my shenanigans once she reads this post* Love me still mmkay! haha.

If any of you are young mothers, experienced mothers, singles, etc we want to hear your stories. Your struggles. Your challenges and your accomplishments.

EMAIL US- and you might just be a guest blogger.


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