Friday, April 15, 2011


So I've said this time and time again.

I am the best motivator in the world. To everyone. But. Myself. I can't take my own advice, or motivation. It's retarded. You think someone like me would have the most confidence in the world.

Yesterday TrainerBoy and I were doing lunges and squats. He couldn't stop laughing at me because I have absolutely no balance. I'd fall over. Everytime. Little does he know that I am like that normally, not just because I had knee surgery. He gave me a little vote of confidence tho.

-I'm about two weeks ahead of typical protocol.
-I've done EVERYTHING that he's told me to do. Most people with two good legs don't.
-I'm always ALWAYS at the gym.
-I'm in super good shape.
-I'm starting to become normal again. I'm not limping, I don't need to do alot of modifications.

Woohoo. That's just what I needed. Who doesn't love having someone tell them they're awesome.

If anyone needs motivations. Email me your number and you'll wake up every morning from here on out with a nice little motivational note. I use to text scriptures to Troy every morning so I knew he read his 'scriptures' ha. I'm just like that.


P.S my bestie in Utah is getting married in Sept. Who wants to be my date?

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