Sunday, February 20, 2011

A new ACL and a bottle of Percocet!

That's right I'm two days post ACL reconstruction.

Pretty rad huh? I've been waiting until the pain was low enough, and I wasn't too high out of my mind to blog....but those two things don't happen too often considering my pain is usually minimal while I'm pretty 'drugged' up.

Thursday night after my parents arrived in Calgary we headed off to Banff. We got to our hotel around 11:30 and I was passed out before midnight. I thought I'd have a hard time falling asleep and that I'd be nervous. I was exausted(slept well) and wasn't nervous at all. I was wide awake at 3am mind you, but those 3 hours of sleep I did get were blissful :) We got to the hospital around 6am for my check in. The nurse got me all settled into my room, got my hospital gown on and she made me mark my surgery knee with a YES. I laid around for about an hour waiting for my Surgeon. He was late cause his car got a flat tire. *I was worried about that, but atleast he showed up* They took me back to O.R where they prepped me for my spinal. (PS. Spinals are NOT as bad as most people have said. I barely felt it) They waited about 10 minutes until I was suppose to be frozen. Dr. Heard started to stick all sorts of feezing needles in my knee, and I could feel it. Omgosh it hurt so bad. Which means I wasn't frozen. My spinal didn't work. Those freezing needles hurt more than anything else(he wasn't too gentle, as he thought I wouldn't be able to feel it) They had to sedate me. During surgery my blood pressure and heart rate dropped so they had to give me oxygen to help my heart rate go back up. I was in recovery for a little while with O2. They wheeled me back to my room right around the time they took my roomie(little 16 yr old soccer player) into the OR. I was pretty in and out of it. They had me hooked up to all sorts of machines, and were giving me all sorts of medication, people were poking and prodding me for the first little bit to make sure there were no adverse effects from all the medication they had to give me. They were waiting for my anesthesia hangout to begin(because they essensially had to give me two times the amount)

I was feeling pretty good. They gave me some percocet, and some antibotics. I slept for a few hours and woke up around the time the percs wore off. It was like clock work. Every 4 hours they gave me drugs, antibotics and changed the ice around my knee. They brought me in some food, but I was more interested in sleeping. My parents said that I had said a couple funny things. Apparently I was pretty adament in my mom not eating the food they brought me. I don't remember freaking out, but it sounds like something I'd do ;) considering she was probably just moving them out of the way. Can you say spaz case?

I had a reaction to something that they gave me, and I became so itchy. They thought it was the percocet so they had to start giving me T3's-which don't really work that well on me, so I was in quite a bit of pain most of the night. I slept alot, but it was pretty horrible sleep. Saturday morning I tricked the day time nurse into giving me more precocets, ha ha suckers.I woke up and was stoked and ready to get the heck outta that hospital. My roomies mom annoyed the hell outta me. *I'm not a nice sick person. I have zero patience* I was discharged around 10am. We walked/hopped up to admitting to give them my paper work and from my unit to admitting I started feeling really queezy, light headed and I was sweating alot. So after being discharged from the hospital I spent 90 minutes in emerg after a shot of gravol and some O2. I was loaded into my parents SUV and away we went.

That was the longest ride home. But I'm home. I'm doing well. I need to wait until Tuesday morning to take my bandages off, but you can garuntee the minute those bandages are off, I will be taking pictures to put on my blog. Stay tuned(or not if you're not into that whole thing) I'm already counting down the days til I can start spinning again.

The pain is similar to that of tearing my ACL. So I kind of know what I'm up against. Today and tomorrow are going to be pretty painful days, but later this week I should be better. Until then I've got my full body of percocet and T3's and my ice.

I'll probably be blog stalking randoms, and writing insane posts that don't make sense. So stay tuned for the bloggings of a couped up cripple.




Anonymous said...

How many months did you have to wait before you Could get in for surgery?

Lachele said...

I had to wait from Aug 2010 - Feb 2011