Thursday, September 23, 2010

I didn't know I was in grade 1(but opposite)

So Josh reads my blog. I seriously never talk about this thing. I don't know how so many people know about it. It's not linked to my facebook in anyways either.

He wasn't happy that I was dropping him.

So he beat me to it.Ha.

Good Riddance.

He was texting me last night while I was on my way home from wings, we were chatting about the weekend and how it was fun.

He goes " I think you're a really amazing girl, I had an awesome time with you this weekend, but I really don't think a relationship between us would work"

**Uhh, I don't remember telling him I liked him, or was interested in him...nevermind that I wanted to date him**

I asked him where he got that idea from.

He said "because you were being overly nice to me this weekend"

Well DUH loser, you were being nice to me too. So much for killing them with kindness, I try to be nice and he thinks I'm planning our wedding.

It slightly pissed me off. Not cause I was upset he was peacing out on me before I had the chance to do it to him(however smart move dude.) gotta give ya props for that.

I called him a dick.

He told me that he was being rather nice by ripping the bandaid off now, rather than playing mystery games for a week.

I wasn't aware that we were playing games period.

I don't like him, I never really have, and I don't really want too. I could name of several reasons why it wouldn't work. So Josh, if you're reading this please comment. I'm interested in knowing where any of what I just said, or how I acted made you think I overly wanted to be with you. Layla and Paige were nice to you too.

I mean I spent the better half of the last day with you with TWO other boys. I didn't even talk to you hardly. Next thing you're going to do is tell me I was trying to make you jealous. ha.

Moral of the story. I feel like I'm in grade 1. Except backwards because when you're mean to a boy they think you like them. But now when I'm nice to a boy he thinks I like him.

Dear Josh,

I'm sorry if you were feeling rejected this weekend, and had to fabricate a story where you THOUGHT I was in love with you to make yourself feel better. However let me clear the air. I am not interested in you. You're too short for me. Anyone who is my height is not my type(rude I know). We have nothing in common. You live 3 hours away, and you sort of annoy me. I spent the better half of Sunday at church with Troy, and at the fireside with Brett. I think I remember seeing you there, but I did not pay any attention to you.

Please take this as my public announcement that I do in NO way, shape or form have any sort of feelings for you. This may be harsh. However last time I was nice to you, you assumed I loved you. So I am being a dick, so you know I am back to my old ways where I do not love you.

I am deleting you out of my phone.

P.S- you gave me a pretty good back massage. I will give you that. Thanks!

You're welcome.



TheSinglesWard said...

Ouch, someone lit a firecracker and didn't stop till the whole thing went off.

Lachele said...

You make me feel like a very un-witty person! Haha I never get what you say