Thursday, August 26, 2010

The men in my life!

This boy is one of the 3 men in my life that I absolutely adore! There is only one other guy that I would hold a candle to with this guy, and that is my other bff who happens to live in Calgs. Chase and I met a little over 3 years ago. When we first met him. I hated him. Really. You should have met this kid. He was arrogant, full of himself, and was a jerk. He tried to win my love and friendship. Once he was over! This boy stole my heart and has been there ever since! I don't get to see him very often because he lives in Rexburg Idaho. I see him a few times a year. Maybe 4 times SAD huh? Seriously. Well he called me last night. We talked for a good hour. He vented, I vented and it was like I had just seen him a few days earlier! He surprised me by telling me he's coming up soon for a mutual friends wedding, and other than the wedding he's all mine for the week. Do you know how excited this makes me! I love it. Biggest Blessing ever. I don't think he even reads my blog, I doubt he knows I have one. But I know that he knows that I love him!

The most important man in my life is my daddy. Today is his birthday, and when I called him bright and early at 7am he was definately surprised to hear from me. I think he thought I forgot, but I was sooo excited to call him, that I couldn't even wait. Hence the 7am call. Good thing he was already awake, and at work. I love my dad so much. He's awesome. We have so much in common, and I'm his mini me. I am so excited to go home and hang out with my family for a few days. My dad is one of the most hardworking, honest men that I know. Happy Birthday Dad... love you...xoxo

The third but definately not last man in my life, is someone I've grown to love and respect so much in the last year. Without him I'd be an even bigger brat than I already am. He's been there for me thru alot of things, and has put up with me being a brat on more than ONE HUNDRED occasions. I'm pretty sure that he still loves my guts. I just found out that he knows I have a blog. So I'm sure he'll read this. We've been thru alot lately but I love him and I always will, and I'm so proud of him.(**I don't think he'd appreciate his picture on my blog**) so just picture a tall handsome guy! ;)


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