Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 5

**Day 5 was yesterday**

But I didn't have time to blog so here I am now.

My parents came up to Calgary cause my grandpa was getting surgery, and I just so happen to be gimp. My parents don't come to the city very often so I knew that it would be interesting. Normally when they DO come to Calgary I drive, but clearly I am not in any capacity to drive right now, so I had to navigate my mom to different parts of the city.

She knows this so I don't feel bad saying it, but she is NOT a good city driver. We had some choice 'words' not in a calm tone a few times yesterday..ha ha but I am really happy that they came.

I got ready, and we went up to the hospital so I could see my Manager at work, and so I could hatch out some details with work. Let's just say that, that took a lot of work. I was sweating and in pain before we even got to the hospital. Boo. It made me realize that I wasn't feeling as good as I thought I was.

I was able to visit with my grandpa, and hang out with my family. I went to dinner with my parents, Kait, Ruthie and Kayla. We had fun visiting and catching up. It sure took a lot out of me and needless to say when I got back to Kaits house I was BEAT! I took some medication and went to bed.

That's day 5! I am doing well, still very sore and VERY swollen.

Each day is better than the last.


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