Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back in the DAY!

So I am at home.
For Cornfest. Oh Cornfest.
My dad and I went to go take a look last night when I got into town.
Same set up, different year! I saw a bunch of friends from highschool, some that have left Taber and well some of them that haven't. HA!

It got me thinking about years past, and funny things I use to do as a kid, and how funny I thought.

What is your earliest memory?

=I remember when I was little and my parents would tell me to go get ready for me, I would have to have one of my parents turn on the light in my bedroom cause I couldn't reach the switch. Now when I walk into that room I remember how I use to be sooo small that I couldn't touch the switch. I must have been soo cute! Wait, I was darling.

-When I was little and I would watch full house, family matters, fresh prince I use to think that those families didn't know that they were being taped for my enjoyment, and I thought that my family was getting recorded for other people to watch, and that it would probably be boring! ha

-I use to love 90210 and had the biggest crush on Luke Perry. I was watching 8 seconds with my family and Luke Perry was in it, and his character died in it, and I was DEVESTATED because I thought he died in real life.

**My parents had to teach me the difference between real life, and TV at a very early age. Ha I think that might be the reason my parents didn't let me watch alot of TV when I was younger.

-When I was in grade 4 we learned learned about solar powered cars, and electric cars. I was scared that my dad would forget to plug the car in and when the sun went down the car would just stop and we would have to sit where we were until the sun came up the next day.

-Whenever we would talk about the second coming(of Christ) we often talk about gathering in Zion. Well I was soooooooooooooo worried that I wouldn't have a ride and no one would drive me to the gathering place. Ha.

I had such an imagination.

What are some of the funny things you remember about being younger?


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