Thursday, March 18, 2010


**Holy cow. I bet you all thought I died**

Well, Guess what?

I didn't....still alive.....alive and WELL I might add.

The last few weeks have been really busy. Be prepared for a little catch up.

-Canada kicking the USA's trash in gold medal hockey :)
-bon fires
-late night movie nights
-cuddle fests
-wedding plans
-bridal showers
-baby showers
-dress fittings
-washing my jeep
-eating sphagetti squash
-star gazing

My mom called me a few days cause she hadn't heard from me in a while(meaning I hadn't posted anything on a blog in a while) so for those of you who've facebooked me, and called me to ask me to it is. Boring huh?

It's really nice here right now. I'm talkin' shorts and flip flop weather :)

Some things I'm getting excited for:
-going to sleep over in Taber ON MY WAY TO UTAH
-Utah-much needed little vaca
-saturday night adventures
-more bon fires
-star gazing
-July 1st
-July 4th
-fun road trips
-Bri and Jaces wedding
-Meeting new friends
-training to be on the underwater search and rescue team for the Calgary fire dept.
-Seeing ASHLEY HART soon.
-Playing with all my American friends :)
-Jaylene moving to Calgary :)

I bet you all feel jibbed that this is the lamest post ever. You probably thought I was off getting married, or making out with really hott boys, or something cool like that. But unfortunately I have not. It's been business as usual. I've just been super busy!


<3 Lach


Liz said...

Oh man stalkers... sometimes they really are scary....

Well sounds like you've been having fun... aka: star gazing... and various other things that might suggest something.


By the way. I'm glad your not dead. WIll you be in Utah this week of next week?

Lachele said...

I get to Utah the 31st. I think l'm getting a Utah pay as you go that can text:) so if you get a random msg it's meeeeee!!!!

Haha l really need to email you soon:) sooo much to tell you! Xoxo