Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Chocolate,

I hate your stinkin guts. I WISH you made me vomit.


Ugh. Just when I decide I am going to start eating healthy, get back to the gym, tone up and lose a little bit of weight I get these INTENSE cravings for chocolate. Ugh. I don't want to like it. Last week I had chocolate almost everyday(not alot.) but enough to make me annoyed that I did it. I've been eating really healthy lately but since my birthday I've just been completely thrown off. BOOO.

I need help. Tips please. HOW do I stay away from chocolate. It's my enemy. Ugh. :)


This weekend was awesome! Friday night I saw Dear John. Channing Tatum is beautiful. I wish boys looked like him in real life. Oh how life would rock :)

Friday night I was at the gym running sprints, and somehow when I was grabbing my towel it was under my waterbottle, and it flipped onto the running pad, and got slippery and I was running at 9.5 and I FLEW off the treadmill. Ouch. It hurt :)

Saturday I went to Canmore for my friends birthday, and hot tubbing. I took tons of pictures, but somehow deleted them, so once Mandy puts hers up on FB I will show the blogging world my nice beautiful brown locks.

We stopped on the way to Canmore to be tourists and take pictures and I was walking carefully down this slope to get to the lake, and I BIFFED it hardcore, and banged my knee and elbow :( ouch. -- I think I need walking lessons.

Sunday was the SUPERBOWL. I had high hopes for Manning and those Colts, but they disappointed me. It was a pretty good game. Saints played a good game! I got sustained in my calling, and received a blessing yesterday as well. I feel so much better, and I'm grateful for blessings, and I know that this is one that I REALLY needed.



colleenroselle said...

concerning the healthy part.....just exercise every day and your eating habits should come in hand with that to make you want to eat better food:)

....did you cry in Dear John! i thought the movie was blah, but thats because I read the book and cried in it haha

Lachele said...

I do eat really well, aside from the love of chocolate I recently developed, and I work out 5-6 nights a week. I have no problem with that.

No I didn't, I think because I knew that it was a 'tear jerker' I was prepared. The other girls I was with cried.

The Lady Girl said...

How is Dear John anyways? Sometimes I get so squeemish in romance scenes I just want to stab them or vomit, one of the two. It is a Nicolas Sparks film, it's garaunteed to have a lot of cheese.

Waiting On a Missionary said...

LOTS of cheese haha

Lachele said...

Soooo cheesy. It was cute tho. I liked it, some parts I wasn't too fond of, but John was hott!