Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is this mans 56th Birthday!

Ha ha..... this picture really sums up my dad pretty good! He's hilarious... The story behind this picture is pretty funny.... we were diving in waterton back in July and this mans cowboy hat blew off his head and into the water and he was having a cow, so my dad went and saved the day, but before he gave it back, he said he had to have a picture with it,then gave it back.

I am a mini me of my dad(cept a girl version...obviously). We looked exactly alike when we were babies and thats probably close to all I got from my dad. We're alot alike but complete opposites.(If that makes sense)
--He's responsible and reasonable....I'm well....not!
--He's very detailed oriented...I'm absolutely not.
--He's smart.....I'm smart too...:) ha ha --One thing I remember about my dad was when I was little sitting at the kitchen table while he helped me with my Math, to this day I still think my dad is smarter than some of my math teachers. He can do most math in his head, which is pretty impressive, and I kind of got that from
--My dad is very talented and he's a mr.fix-it. He builds guitars from the patterns he makes himself, he knows how to fix everything. I think my parents saved so much money over the years cause my dad knew how to do home fix it things as well as vehicle fix it things.
--I remember not being able to go to sleep until my dad and I had our 'bedtime talk' we'd talk about things I wanted to do when I got older and things that were going on with school.

My dad is one of the hardest workers I've ever met in my life. He taught me that you don't just get things given to you, that you need to work for things, and he taught me about integrity, and about being honest in all my doings. One thing that I love about my dad is that he taught by example! Now that I'm on my own I can pretty much do whatever I want and garuntee that my parents won't find out, so days when I just don't want to go to work, I could call in sick, but I know that it would be against what my dad taught me. My dad never called in sick unless he was sick, and thats something I'm glad I learned from him(one of the many)

I'm excited to see my dad this weekend, I'm going home for cornfest and it's always a good time hanging out with family. When I go home my dad and I usually get a chance to catch up and have our 'bedtime talk'

Happy Birthday Dad I love you!


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