Thursday, May 28, 2009

There still are a few decent people in the world!

THANK GOODNESS FOR ME......wooohoooo.....

I just had my debit card returned to me by one of the volunteers that volunteers at the Cancer Center where I work, and well..... I didn't even know I had lost it, so thank heavens for amazing people in this world......

You know....I've had this sort of 'luck' if you will with several of my posessions....

When I lived in Utah I would go running up South Temple over to 800S and down to state street, around the Temple and back home, and sometimes I would take my phone and one morning I was running and I had my phone with me incase I got mugged at 6am(ha ha) and for the time! I got home reached in my pocket and my phone was GONE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was freakin out, so I skipped my shower, and re-walked my running route to see if it had dropped, I got home and sure enough it was no where to be found... I was cursing everyone and their dog who was around that area for stealing a poor little Canadian Ladys phone....only to find out that a little girl had found it, took it home to her parents, and her parents went thru the contacts to call MY parents, who in turned gave them my apt number and told me I could come pick it up! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.... I guess I should learn to not curse everyone AND their dogs, cause if it wasn't for this kids dog someone not so nice might have stole my phone!

AGAIN, in Salt Lake I would walk to the grocery store which was super close to my house, down a couple blocks, a huge hill and 3 corner turns later was the distance between my house and Albertsons. I would buy enough food for my little arms to carry which was enough for a week or so, I was stumbling home past the police station and my bags fell, I was embarassed, cause I thought some cute boy would have been watching me..... but I gathered my stuff and kept trekking home(this was a week before Christmas) I was to fly to Canada in 3 days and I was packing my stuff..... and my wallet was missing.... (with my passport, driver licence, pretty much anything I owned that would have idenified who I was)... I was freaking out..... an hour later I got a phone call from my PARENTS again....(they musta thought I was a retard) but they said I needed to go down to the Police Station by my house cause someone had returned my wallet with my driver licence, passport and all my other ID.... I get down there and they REQUIRED I show them a piece of ID to prove its mine......the little jerks wouldn't even open it up to check the drivers licence picture...then they did, and I got it back, I even got my money back, they never even took it.....I went on my merry little way...... THANK YOU!

I am grateful for those honest people in this world, without them I'm sure my identity would have been taken 24543643 times with how much I lose things. Here's a shout out to all you honest people who make my life easier by not stealing from me, and by making me not have to cancel my credit cards! YOU ROCK!

Now, I just need to learn how to be more careful with my belongings!


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